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Usop Burger Celup

by Honey, on Fri, August 22, 2014 - 11:35:05 AM, 0 comment
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Take a moment to feast your eyes on the picture below.

The special at Usop Burger Celup

This is one of the finest examples of a 'celup'-style street burger. In this case it's an oblong patty dipped in a thick a peppery black pepper sauce, then wrapped up in egg with more sauces and vegetables. Usop plies his trade from a little food truck and on most nights, he's steady at the grill as orders come in non-stop. In one night he sells from 3 to 4 bags of buns, that's about 150 burgers- not bad for a guys who started doing it part time.

When we chatted with him, Usop can't even sit down because of orders

Although there are many burger 'celup' out there, Usop's burgers are quite addictive probably due to the fact that he fries up his burgers then dip them in his black pepper 'berhantu' while it's still hot. He leaves it in so that the sauce will soak into the patties rendering it soft and with every bite, it bursts with heat and spiciness (kind like a Prosperity burger x 10). Flavour here is top notch- thick, peppery and will make you crave it when you're peckish late at night.

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Sachie’s Sugar and Spiced Salmon (Nanban Zuke)

by Honey Ahmad, on Tue, August 19, 2014

This is a refreshing Japanese dish that gives you crunchy fish with slightly vinegary vegetables. You can use mackerel or sardines but salmon gives it a slight richness that makes it a delicious topping on hot, white rice. This recipe is from Sachie’s Kitchen, the latest show on The FriedChillies Food Network

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Sachie’s Kitchen: New on FriedChillies Food Network

by Foodster X, on Tue, August 19, 2014 - 5:00:55 AM, 0 comment
Learn How to Cook Scrumptious Easy Japanese Food with Sachie’s Kitchen

Pack your bags and kitchen tools for a trip in and around the Land of The Rising Sun with Sachie Nomura. Then get ready as Sachie guides you through preparing and cooking easy Japanese favourites in the comfort of your own kitchen in the latest show to hit the Friedchillies Food Network, Sachie’s Kitchen.

Sachie’s Kitchen is a lively lifestyle travel and cooking show from New Zealand featuring the eponymous chef, Sachie Nomura. A native of Aichi, Japan, Sachie has been based in New Zealand since the 90s. She specializes in Japanese and Asian influenced dishes, drawing on her cultural background and her love of Asian flavours. In fact, she was one of the first to open an Asian cooking school in New Zealand, Sachie’s Kitchen, in which the show is named after.

Check out the size of that tuna!

On the show, Sachie will take you to explore some classic Japanese favourites. You will get to follow her to Tokyo’s famous Tsujiki Fish Market to witness the world famous tuna auctions as well as see the wonderful seafood sold there. Sachie also goes on a street food crawl in Osaka and visits…  Continue reading »

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Nasi Lemak Famous

by Farah D., on Mon, August 18, 2014

"Freshly fried chicken every time!"

So, what makes Famous, famous? Their fried chicken, of course.

In the 90’s, Nasi Lemak Famous was a small stall in Bangsar, a supper spot popular with the post-clubbing crowd trickling in from the nearby watering holes in Telawi. At first, many came for the nasi lemak but in the end, many more returned for their juicy fried chicken. Now, more than 30 years on, Famous is still striving and doing well.
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Narvan Italian Pizza

by Edwan S., on Fri, August 15, 2014

"Oven-fresh pizzas, unbeatable prices."

Narvan Italian sounds like such an odd combination. ‘Narvan’ doesn’t sound anything close to Italian and sure enough, they’re not. Mr. Ata and Mrs. Ismat hail from Iran. They’ve been in Malaysia for years and their love of Italian food (pizzas in particular) led them to open Narvan Italian a couple of years ago.   More »

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Pasta ‘Goreng Kicap’

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Pasta goes really well in local style dishes. We tried out this sweet and faintly spicy pasta goreng kicap and came away impressed. It’s tasty, quite filling and easy to boot. Should go down really well with the kids!

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