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Kitchen Cheats: Choosing The Right Knife

by Edwan S., on Wed, October 08, 2014
Knives are often said to be the most important tool that a cook can have. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional chef or a home cook. A good knife will make prep for cooking so much easier and more efficient. So today let’s take a look at the basic types of knives you would find in the kitchen, and what they’re normally used for. But first,…   More »

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Product Review: Philips Electric Pressure Cooker

by Edwan S., on Tue, October 07, 2014
Product Review
Life is fast paced and can often get hectic in our struggle to juggle work and home. It’s no wonder that a lot of people eat out: come in, eat, pay, go out. A lot of working people we asked are often too tired or couldn’t be bothered to man a stove once they get home. The ones that do cook, however, always place convenience as a priority.
…   More »

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Nasi Lemak #Throwback: The Best of Nasi Lemak at Uptown Damansara

by Foodster X, on Mon, October 06, 2014 - 11:54:45 AM, 0 comment
It's about a month away to the 2nd I EAT NASI LEMAK event! So let's do a little throwback for this weeks Nasi Lemak Monday..

Uptown Damansara (Damansara Utama) is a hotspot of eateries and cafes as well stalls and warungs. You can pretty much find everything here from high-end boutique cafes to of course, the humble nasi lemak stall. And the great thing is that there are all kinds of nasi lemak to suit individual taste-buds here.

This is Kak Hani's nasi lemak at the bus-stop

A while back Farah D. went on a nasi lemak food crawl in the area and came out with some treasures. Two of the nasi lemak spots even took part in our inaugural I Eat Nasi Lemak event last year (and hoping they're in this year too!). So let's check out what Farah found as the best nasi lemak in Uptown Damansara.

The big one is of course Village Park Restaurant. They're consistently rated as one of the best in KL, let alone Uptown. Easy to see why: great fried chicken and excellent service. The sambal is a secret recipe made fresh daily by the owner, too.

It's what Village Park is famous for.

There's also Kak Hani's stall near the bus-stop. This small stall (and her husband, who sells the…  Continue reading »

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Baking 101: 3 Things You Need To Know To Get Started

by Edwan S., on Wed, October 01, 2014
One of the greatest things in the world to a food lover is the moment a freshly baked loaf of bread or delectable cake comes out of the oven. The smell hits you just right and you find yourself salivating over the prospect of eating it. Even watching people bake can be inspirational and make you want to start baking yourself. So before you invest in…   More »

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Stif Fry Surf and Turf

by Edwan S., on Tue, September 30, 2014

Surf and turf in culinary terms refers to a dish that mixes seafood (the surf) and meat (the turf) together. The most popular kind is a steak with a lobster tail on the side. But we decided to give it an Asian twist and make a savoury and spicy stir fry with beef bacon and shrimp. The mushrooms give it a great earthiness that brings the whole dish together. Delicious!

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Nasi Lemak Nayan, Lenggeng, NS

by Edwan S., on Mon, September 29, 2014 - 11:39:19 AM, 0 comment
Quickie Review
Out of KL we go for this week's Nasi Lemak Monday...

Think of a sambal that you get with nasi lemak: it's almost always sambal ikan bilis or sotong, and at the furthest stretch would probably be sambal kerang (which itself is often an add on lauk rather than standard). But at Nasi Lemak Nayan, they give you... sambal ikan keli! (catfish sambal!)

From KL we went to the little town of Lenggeng near Seremban. After losing our way for a while, we asked directions. "Terus jo, lopas Pos Ofis tu masuk kanan. Nampak banyak keto parking and Cino ramai tu, tu la kodai dio," said a resident Negeri Sembilan lady. I'll translate: "Just go straight (from where we were) and turn right after the Post Office. Once you see a little shop with lots of cars parked and plenty of Chinese people, that's the place."

So we found it eventually. A small, family run business, Nasi Lemak Nayan is only open on weekend mornings. Even then the nasi lemak pretty much runs out after 9am. So come early if you want to try. The roads leading here are smooth and during early mornings are cool. Great for window down driving or motorcycling.

Classic packaging!

Take a packet of nasi lemak. It only costs RM1 per packet. The nasi lemak is freshly packed and is still steaming…  Continue reading »

Where To Eat

Restoran Sri Paandi PJ

by Edwan S., on Fri, September 26, 2014

"Curry-induced nirvana!"

Banana leaf rice is as 'up there' as nasi lemak or char kuey teow when it comes to favourite makan-makan choices amongst Malaysians. It's easy to see why too: a heaping pile of rice, customary selection of vegetables and gravies and if you want, great side dishes of the fried or curried kind. Sri Paandi in Section 11, PJ is no different. This restaurant has been here for more than a decade and was even involved in a 'Curry War' some years back!   More »


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