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Man Burger Kukus Lava

by Edwan S., on Mon, May 26, 2014

"Burgers straight outta Bikini Bottom!"

THE KRABBY PATTY EXISTS IN DAMANSARA DAMAI. Seriously, the Krabby Patty, along with a Spongebob and a Patrick burger, are alive (sort of) and well at Man Burger Kukus Lava in Damansara Damai. Fans of the cartoon show should be excited. What did Man Lava do, cast a net over Bikini Bottom?   More »

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CBS Shake!

by Edwan S., on Fri, May 23, 2014

A milkshake goes fantastic with burgers and fries. But what flavour? Chocolate? Strawberry? Banana? How about all three? This shake takes these three classic milkshake flavours and make into one decadent and luxurious dessert beverage.

 More »

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The Best Burger Event in the Valley

by The Foodster, on Fri, May 23, 2014 - 10:36:22 AM, 0 comment
Jom BURGEMBIRA! On the 7th June 2014, we will be celebrating 20 of the top burger sellers in Klang Valley in one location. And at night, we will be treating everybody to an open air screening of short burger films from the New York Food Film Festival and us. If you are a burger fan, this is your event!

Why are we doing "I Eat Burgers"? Everybody loves burgers and there has never been a BIG event about burgers in Malaysia. So we thought it'd be cool to just gather Malaysians from all walk of life to one place, to just chill and try out some of the best Klang Valley treats from the FriedChillies selected list of burger Heroes.

So, event mechanics are simple.

1. Buy coupons days before event & come to the I Eat Burgers Event.
2. Burgers will be in tasting portion sizes so that you can eat more variety.
3. You pay for burgers & drinks with our event coupons. (RM20 per book i.e. RM2 x 10 coupons) Hari Kantin style.
4. After that, join activities like flea markets & contest. (This one is cash transaction)
5. Still hungry? Repeat Steps (1) - (3). Coupons finished? Buy at Event Booth (if still available)
6. Watch for FREE, from 8pm onwards, Open Air screening of short films…  Continue reading »

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Burger Bakar Abang Burn

by Edwan S., on Thu, May 22, 2014

"The rise of a burger empire..."

Failure is not a constant. Like the phoenix that rises from its ashes (ahem, excuse me), some things come back from loss bigger, better and more bad-ass than before. I suppose the key to such an ascent is perseverance, the will to do the absolute best and a little bit of luck. Such is the story of Burger Bakar Abang Burn.   More »

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Mike’s Burger Grill Celup

by Honey Ahmad, on Wed, May 21, 2014 - 11:34:17 AM, 0 comment
Quickie Review
Mike, who runs his unique burger stall in Section 14 was a sous chef for over 12 years. Then, about 2 years ago he decided to take the plunge into his own business and came up with his own brand of gourmet street burgers. His burgers are 100% homemade and he uses the best meat he can find namely topside.

Celup!Grill and Celup!

He first grills them, then dips it in his special sauces (hence 'celup') and grills them back before putting toppings and cheeses on top.

Kung powYou can get toppings like sauteed mushrooms on top

There are usually 4 'celup' sauces on offer daily, a cheese sauce, black pepper (how can we live without black pepper?), a kung pow sauce (this is a fan favourite) and a mushroom sauce. He claims that sauces are his specialty.

A finished burger with cheeses on top.

He became famous via his cheeky McKangkung. During the whole kangkung hype he took up a challenge from one of his customers and created a kangkung burger. This is a patty dipped in a special sambal belacan sauce, modified from his mum's cherished recipe and then topped with thinly…  Continue reading »

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Nasi Lemak @ Restoran Hollywood, Ipoh

by Edwan S., on Mon, May 19, 2014 - 1:38:30 PM, 0 comment
Nasi Lemak Monday this week hails from Ipoh, Perak. We were there last weekend and found a delicious one, in a busy kopitiam called 'Hollywood'..

This kopitiam called 'New Hollywood' in Ipoh is somewhat of an institution. There were a LOT of people when we went there. There are several stalls selling various breakfast fare, such as noodles, roti bakar and chee cheong fun.

We had the nasi lemak with rendang ayam that costs about RM5.00.

Ipoh mali..

It comes with the usual suspects of kacang, ikan bilis and a whole boiled egg and slices of cucumber. The rendang ayam is tender and brightly coloured, as well as fragrant with galangal and lemongrass. The rice is crumbly and delightfully coconut-ty. It goes really well with the sambal, which despite the bright red colour, is more bark than bite.
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Raja Burger

by Edwan S., on Thu, May 15, 2014
Street Burgers

"From pauper... to King!"

If you to go to Raja Burger maybe, just maybe, you would just think to yourself: “Oh it’s just a regular dude, selling burgers.” Then let’s say you stick around until he closes… and then you see him drive off in a Merc SLK sports car. Next thing you know, you’re lying in bed, dreaming about owning a burger stall of your own.   More »


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Meet the I Eat Nasi Lemak 2014 Heroes


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