• Food Articles Chef-In-Residence

    Laidback Lamb Briyani

    by Aida Azizuddin on Wed, May 05, 2010

    I find that I make briyani when I have something to celebrate- an announcement of a wedding or a birth or just when my family gathers after a long time away. In my family, we prefer it to nasi minyak or…  More »

  • Food Articles Special Feature

    The ABC

    by Alexa P. on Wed, May 05, 2010

    A cuppa joe is usually the way most people like to start their day off; A Nescafe tarik here, a fancy latte complete with foam art there, or just a simple shot of espresso. Coffee is available everywhere…  More »

  • Food Articles Lists

    Street Grub

    by Aurora J. on Wed, April 14, 2010

    What could be more awesome than a weekend of grazing in and around Klang Valley? For all you foodies out there, here is a rundown of the top five street treats to sink your teeth into on a “do nothing”…  More »

  • Food Articles Special Feature

    Inspiring your Inner Gardener

    by Honey Ahmad on Thu, April 08, 2010

    Here’s a true fact: I am not blessed with a Green Thumb. The closest I got was playing a bad rendition of Greensleeves on my organ when I was 10 (yes, I know- absolutely irrelevant except for the word…  More »

  • Food Articles Kitchen Capers

    April Treats

    by Alexa P. on Fri, April 02, 2010

    It’s the start of April and we figured you might like some ideas for tasty treats that will reward you after a busy day. We’ve made a few things that will definitely tingle the senses and tickle the…  More »

  • Food Articles Lists

    A-laksa Hunting in Penang

    by Li Ann on Wed, March 31, 2010

    Assam laksa is a quintessentially Penang dish which is a Malaysian must have amongst locals and tourists alike. As one of the state’s most regaled dishes, Penang’s version is unlike other laksas you…  More »

  • Food Articles Special Feature

    Life’s a Beach

    by Alexa P. on Wed, March 24, 2010

    If you’re heading to the beach any time soon here are a couple of treats to make the trip enjoyable. If you’re stuck in the city then why not seek out a pool and have a pool party? Invite a couple…  More »

  • Food Articles Kitchen Capers

    FC Laksa Supreme

    by Alexa P. on Tue, March 23, 2010

    In spirit of our Laksa month we wanted to create something with the FriedChillies stamp on it. This is our very own Laksa using elements of the various Laksas around the country. We wanted something with…  More »

  • Food Articles Chef-In-Residence

    The Art of Laksa Johor

    by Aida Azizuddin on Fri, March 05, 2010

    I learnt how to make laksa Johor from a friend of mine named Mariam. She's of course from Johor. We used to exchange dishes for buka puasa (break of fast) during Ramadhan. Ah... the art of exchanging…  More »

  • Food Articles Special Feature

    The Wonderful World of Laksa

    by Honey Ahmad on Thu, March 04, 2010

    Writing this article has been a bit of a revelation. I've discovered that though most Malaysians absolutely love laksa in all forms and tastes, many actually do not know what goes into their bowl (me included).…  More »

  • Food Articles Chef-In-Residence

    Memorable Recipes for Malay Occasions: Marina Mustafa

    by Alexa P. on Thu, February 25, 2010

    For someone who cooks as much as I do, cookbooks are necessity. I tend to flip through for inspiration and sometimes just for a good read. The best cookbooks are the ones where the recipe tells a bit of…  More »

  • Food Articles Special Feature

    Dances with Belacan

    by Li Ann on Wed, February 24, 2010

    Belacan is so synonymous and indispensable to Malaysians, it has drawn praises to the highest heavens and silent curses from those unaccustomed to its stinky aroma. Despite the love-hate relationship,…  More »

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