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    Cuisine of the Premiers

    by Alexa P. on Tue, August 31, 2010

    This book inspires you to cook traditional Malay style dishes with the large beautiful glossy photos of simple and delicious food. Every recipe has you drooling, and we even had a bit of trouble narrowing…  More »

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    Nonya Flavours: A complete guide to Penang Straits Chinese Cuisine

    by Alexa P. on Tue, August 10, 2010

    In any culture where recipes are passed down from generation to generation with fiercely guarded cooking secrets, you are sure to find real gems. These are always dishes that are simple and eaten with…  More »

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    A Brimful of Acar

    by Aida Azizuddin on Thu, August 05, 2010

    Since this is chutney week, I was asked to make one. However, I feel that we've covered quite a lot of chutneys in Magnificent 7 so my sister suggested an acar. No one can quite pinpoint the difference…  More »

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    How to Cook Everything: Mark Bittman

    by The Charlie on Tue, June 29, 2010

    Ever since I was a child, I would read cookbooks to sleep. I still do. Imagining proportions and flavours while looking at the pretty pictures in my mother's Betty Crocker cookbooks, and hoping that someday…  More »

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    Pengats Galore

    by Aida Azizuddin on Tue, June 22, 2010

    Generally when you come for tea at a Malay household, chances are there will be a pengat or a bubur of somekind. While bubur can encompass most things in a gravy from sweet soups to savoury congee, pengat…  More »

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    Laidback Lamb Briyani

    by Aida Azizuddin on Wed, May 05, 2010

    I find that I make briyani when I have something to celebrate- an announcement of a wedding or a birth or just when my family gathers after a long time away. In my family, we prefer it to nasi minyak or…  More »

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    The Art of Laksa Johor

    by Aida Azizuddin on Fri, March 05, 2010

    I learnt how to make laksa Johor from a friend of mine named Mariam. She's of course from Johor. We used to exchange dishes for buka puasa (break of fast) during Ramadhan. Ah... the art of exchanging…  More »

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    Memorable Recipes for Malay Occasions: Marina Mustafa

    by Alexa P. on Thu, February 25, 2010

    For someone who cooks as much as I do, cookbooks are necessity. I tend to flip through for inspiration and sometimes just for a good read. The best cookbooks are the ones where the recipe tells a bit of…  More »

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    Perfect Pumpkin Pie

    by Aida Azizuddin on Tue, December 22, 2009

    Like anyone, I am not against taking short cuts in the kitchen. I might make a dough from scratch but use filling from a can- nothing wrong with that. Or I'll whip up a white sauce full of thyme and rosemary,…  More »

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    Daging Hitam (Black Beef)

    by Aida Azizuddin on Tue, November 10, 2009

    My late Aunt, married to a policeman used to live in the police barracks. At the time, grocery shopping is not as convenient as today so most of the time the ladies there cooked from rations. This is one…  More »

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    Ghoulish Goulash

    by Aida Azizuddin on Thu, October 29, 2009

    Halloween is a big deal in the States. When I was there and staying with my foster family, pumpkin carving was our main activity. We used to buy five or six gigantic pumpkins for next to nothing (about…  More »

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    Succulent Seafood Paella

    by Aida Azizuddin on Thu, October 01, 2009

    Sometimes I run out of ideas of what to cook at family gatherings. Although this is hardly a problem. My sisters are more than happy to suggest new things that I can try out. I'm the sort of person though…  More »