5 Almost “Romantic” Things to do with Your Partner-in-Crime!

by Vini Balan Photography FriedChillies on Wed, February 14, 2018

Be it single or not, here’s 5 awesome things you can do with your best pals, your Amma, your pets and even yourself!

Happy Balantine's Day!

February... the season of love. It either irks you or make you fall in love all over again. But if you’re like me... always kinda end up solo during Valentines, then you just wanna celebrate Balantine's Day (Balan is my last name and I pretty much do whatever I want)! Hahah... I'm Vini Balan; Friedchillies Head of Digital and this is my 5 things to do during Balantine's!

1. Plan a date with your favourite partner-in-crime

I would usually cook something really sedap like a baked chicken with everything I love thrown into the oven, grab a few cans of my favourite Ginger Beer and hangout with my neighbour at her porch. I live in Taman Melawati; so ol’ skool houses with trees and strays and a nice enough porch to sit and laugh at Tinder profiles. Bonus point is when the sky is lit by stars and the moon. Good food, good company and a session to b*tch about anything. Oh and don’t forget chocolates! We always have chocolates to complete the night. #Bliss

2. Banana Leaf Rice Date

Ok, this has somewhat became a ritual when I was attached to a local airline company. We were just either so busy with work or busy travelling on discounts but Bangsar was the place where we all had a life outside of work (my ex-colleagues and I used to commute from KL Sentral to LCCT back then, hence). Sri Nirwarna Maju was our favourite spot for a couple of years; colleagues single or not, joining in a curry filled feast and we’d go on to talk about whatever we want until the Ane would pretty much tell us to bugger off because it’s closing time! #Lol! When you’re in great company, at a busy place with everybody else smooching around you, yeah... you won’t even notice a thing. All you know is that you had a great time and sleep really well that night.

3. Netflix, Pizza & My Pet Cat!

If you love your pet as much as I do, you will spend this so called romantic day (didn’t a Saint died on this day? I'm kidding, I know this...) with your pussycats or pooches. Play a romcom, a murder mystery or a life-changing soundtrack filled cartoon, eat lots and lots of pizza and make yourself an easy-bake Nutella cake. Is that awesome or what? Share the evening with your little furkid and forget about the world! Why you gotta stress out so much when yet again, all you need is a furry friend, lots of chocolate and cheese to stay happy.

4. Rob a bank!

Haha I’m kidding but you should totally go food truck hopping! Cause why not? Eating and Criticising like the French you are not is the most romantic thing you can do with your favourite people on earth! Think the Ikea scene from 500 Days of Summer... play pretend, enjoy the food and be merry!

Foodtruck Spots to choose from:
-Taman Melawati
-TTDI Foodtruck Park
-Wangsa Melawati
-Loka Cafe & Foodtruck @ Salak South Garden
-Tapak Urban Street Food KL

5. Picnic with your favourite Tapau!

In my housing area, we have plenty of hilly streets that gives the most magnificent views of KL. This is what I used to do with my school-boys when they’re around. We used to get a ton of Slurpee’s from 7-Eleven and tapau the sloppiest Ramly Burger we can find (which is usually parked right next to a 7-Eleven. You know this!) and we’d head to the highest point we can find in Taman Melawati. We'd just hangout, admire KL, and talk about life. Or we’d play cards until it’s time to move on. There’s plenty of places to go picnic in KL and PJ, plus it will save you tons of moolah when everybody else is spending on overpriced bouquets - just pick the flowers from the garden. Lagi romantic! Remember, it’s the thought that counts and #YOLO.

My 2018 Balantines Day
What am I really doing tonite? I’m watching freaking Black Panther at the cinema! The best place to be when you’re running solo is to be in a crowded theatre! Because you don’t have to communicate much, but you get to watch a great film with a hundred people that have something in common with you! Then I'll probably grab a Ramly & Slurpee and head for a scenic view from Taman Melawati Hills. #YeayMe!

Remember, if you’re feeling pressured by this day - don’t worry. Simple pleasures are the best pleasure in life. So keep it easy and stay real. Great food, great company and a lot of self love is all you need. This goes for the ones in love too (more me time!). So Happy Balantine’s Day humans! #SelfLove