5 Tasty Salads to Feel Good after Raya

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Tue, July 04, 2017

A good salad doesn't have to be just salad leaves and some vinaigrette. Have a look at these great selections to tingle your tastebuds!

Fantastic Feel-good Salads!

I can’t believe Raya holidays are over! The balik kampong mad dash, the big cook out with the family, the last breaking of fast and the big family gathering on Syawal day. The long break just flew by! But to be honest it is nice to settle back to the usual routine and eat something healthy for a change. I don’t know about you guys but I pretty much stuffed my face with rendang, lemang and ketupat over the holidays.

I have been craving for something light and healthy for the past few days. I guess it is time to give my arteries a break before they give in. Here are 5 recipes for light and refreshing feel-good salads to chow on before your next open house soiree.

Vietnamese Mango Salad

This salad is super refreshing and not just a bowl of boring old salad leaves. It is packed with flavours from the use of fish sauce, dried shrimp and some kick from bird’s eye chillies. Sweet, sour, spicy and salty – this salad will make you pucker up with delight! Serve this with some grilled fish or chicken and a steaming bowl of hot rice.

Thai Roast Beef Salad

If you are a carnivore at heart but still want to enjoy a good salad, this Thai Roast Beef Salad is the answer for you. It is less herbaceous than the Vietnamese Mango Salad but still packs a flavourful punch. Best to use a lean cut of beef as this needs to be served cold. You can tweak this into a meal too. Just blanch and cool some rice vermicelli and toss it in the sauce for a cold beef noodle salad. Just as good!

Oriental Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad is an all-time favourite salad. Many people consider this as an unhealthy salad because of the creamy dressing, which is true but if you make your own dressing using quality fresh ingredients, you’ve got nothing to worry about. This salad has an Asian twang to it from the use of rice vinegar and it breathes new life to an old time classic.

Spinach & Orange Salad with Orange Vinaigrette.

I love bits of fruits in a salad, especially citrus fruits because it is tangy and refreshing. This Spinach and Orange Salad is a great accompaniment to a meal or chuck in some grilled chicken and devour it on its own. Use good quality oranges for the best dressing as it has a good balance of sweet and tangy.


This lovely Indonesian salad is not your everyday throw-in-the-bowl-and-toss-it-up salad. It takes a bit of time to prepare it but it is well worth it. The recipe uses pumpkin but you can also substitute it with a butternut squash or some sweet potato. The results are just as good. If you are attending a pot luck party or organizing an open house, this is a great dish to have. Your guests will love it!

Salads don’t have to be sad and boring lettuce leaves dressed in store bought dressings. Try out these great recipes to jazz up your meal. Don’t forget to share with your friends!