5 Sweet and Delicious things for Christmas

by Honey Ahmad Photography FriedChillies on Wed, December 13, 2017

All we want for Christmas is to just chill out enveloped in the smell of baking. Here are some of our favourite recipes for a sweet, sweet Christmas...

Some of our favourite desserts, right here!

Gingerbread houses, sweet pies and cakes to sink your teeth into. Whatever your mood is for Christmas we are pulling out some of our favourite recipes to get you started.

Super Easy but Impressive Cakes

Golden Christmas Cake

Check out our luscious golden fruitcake that is lighter than it's dark and denser cousins. We use golden sultanas, cherries and orange peel to give it a citrus burst. This is a perfect little cake to whip up and gift someone. This recipe makes one large cake or three mini ones.

Orange and Almond Cake

One of our favourite cakes this year and easy peasy to make. Simply measure and mix all the ingredients and the scent of fresh orange cake will be wafting around your house in no time at all.

Chrismassy Pies for Everyone

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Come on. How can you celebrate Christmas without one of these babies? We added a chocolate glaze to it. Pecans, pie and chocolate. It's the sort of thing that will make you skip your main meal and go straight for the dessert.

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

This pie uses fresh pumpkin because hey why not, it's the holidays. However there is no shame in using canned pumpkin an adding spices to brighten it up. Eat this with a dollop of fresh cream or vanilla ice cream.

The pièce de résistance

Make your own Gingerbread House. No seriously, this can totally be done. Most of the house is made from cake using chocolate buttercream frosting as the glue. How good does that sound. For the roof, we made gingerbread shingles! Pipe on royal icing for trimmings, shake some icing sugar and you have an excellent centrepiece for Christmas. And yeah, it's absolutely delicious too!