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5 Traditional Recipes for Your Open House

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Tue, June 12, 2018

Raya open houses can be fun and stress free! Even for a first timer.

Plan your menu to save time and energy!

If you’re hosting your first open house this Raya, congratulations and welcome to the club! Open houses can be quite challenging but it is also fun and rewarding at the end of the day. With the right planning and helping hand, everything will be smooth sailing *touchwood*.

You are free to serve any dishes you wish for your guests. If your culinary skills for the local delights are a bit shallow, it’s OK! No judgment and you are not alone. We have got you covered with these 5 traditional Raya delicacies.

A Rendang is the heart of Raya and it is a tradition that is carried on by most families. I remember when my mom is cooking Rendang. The blender will be whizzing up spices and the big old brass pot will make its yearly debut on the stove, slowly blipping away the anticipated Rendang we have been waiting for throughout Ramadhan.

Here is a simple Beef Rendang recipe for the novice cooks. Always remember Rendang needs time and love. Use the freshest ingredients you can get your hands on and you are well on your way to making one of the most memorable Raya dishes ever.

Some of your guests might not particularly enjoy red meat (which is no loss for us meat eaters!) but you can make this tasty Chicken Rendang instead. Best tip I can give you is to use free range chicken or ‘ayam kampung’. The meat is way tastier and can sustain long cooking times without breaking apart.

Hmmm Kuah Kacang.. Rich, savoury, spicy and nutty sauce which you can eat with pretty much with anything. Try your hand on this Simple Kuah Kacang recipe. Go nuts for it! You can pre-prepare the toasted nuts few days before hand and keep it in an air-tight container. Saves you loads of prep time!

Every feast you got to have a veggie dish to balance out the meat sweats from all the chicken and beef. Sayur Lodeh is an easy to cook and even easier to eat veggie dish cooked in fresh coconut milk and some really tasty medley of veggies. Kids like it too!

Lastly, rice and all of its glory and many forms – Ketupat, Lemang, Nasi Impit are the classic must haves. Serving plain rice is absolutely acceptable but if you have special guests you want to impress like, ahem, the in-laws, try this Egg Briyani recipe. Don’t get put off by the list of ingredients. Have a read through and it is pretty much your pantry staples. The result is so worth your time, love and effort.

So whatever you decide to cook and serve this Raya, always plan ahead to save time and energy. We at FriedChillies wish you all the best, have a wonderful and fun Raya. If it gets too overwhelming, always remember to #keepcalmandrayaon