7 Dishes to Eat on a Cold, Rainy Day

by Honey Photography FriedChillies on Fri, January 12, 2018

Feeling a little chilly with the weather we're having lately? Enjoy your Malaysian winter by making and tucking into some of our cosiest dishes...

Feeling cold? Make some soto!

22 degrees! Hot damn, we are in sweater weather. On a day like this all you want to do is cuddle up in a warm blanket and enjoy something delicious and warm. Seriously all we could think about in our freezing office is soto. A nice, hot, flavourful chicken soup to eat at our desks would just be sublime right about now.

The scent of chicken in rempah sup simmering quietly away in a corner just fills your heart with love, no?

Here's our recipe for a tummy-warming Soto Ayam and Bergedel coz you need to have it with bergedel y'know.

Now there all sorts of other cosy dishes to make if you are looking for something comforting. Like Baked Potato. We like it with cheddar cheese right on the hot potato and then tuna sweetcorn on top. Or how about a savoury Pea and Potato Soup? The added potato just thickens up a garden variety pea soup beautifully. Definitely will make you feel all tingly inside. Put some crisply fried beef bacon on top. Yum!

Alrighty if you're looking for something more local, look no further! This is the perfect weather for Sambar Dhal. This is so, so good when you're feeling a bit of chill. How about a hearty Sup Ekor? Take out your pressure cooker and boil up a batch of this fragrant soup. Good with just hot rice and sambal belacan.

Finally here are two of our favourite noodles dishes. We think Mee Rebus which is meaty and savoury, is just love in bowl. Also if you are looking for some lighter, check out our simple Fish Fillet Meehoon. Surprisingly easy to make!