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Travellers Food Guide to KLIA & klia2

by Honey Ahmad Photography FriedChillies on Sat, December 24, 2016

People come and go on a daily basis at airports and often never give a second thought to the food there. We've compiled our videos, food articles and tips to some tasty discoveries to be had at KLIA & klia2 in one simple food guide. Check it out!

FriedChillies Guide to Great Airport Food

In the past few months, FriedChillies' been eating all over KLIA & klia2 armed with empty stomachs and comfortable shoes. We went to every nook and cranny searching for the best foodie discoveries. Then we posted articles and stuff for you guys out there over the past weeks. So now, here's our article compilation, videos & round-up for the best places to eat in one place. We call it the "Travellers Guide to Good Food in KLIA & klia2". For great food, bookmark this page if you are headed up to our airports.

1. There's Good Coffee Here

Whether it's strong roasted or something milky like a good old latte, you can perk yourself up before taking that early morning flight. There's great local coffee too if you prefer beans closer to home.

A eye opener to get you through check in and immigration

2. Our airports serve excellent Nasi Lemak

Yes! We were pleasantly surprised about this. We not only have very worthy nasi lemak at our airports but there's also a good variety of it. From Nyonya-style to Malay home-cooking, there's enough for locals to satisfy their cravings after landing and also delight tourists with a first taste of our excellent cuisine. Check out Bibik Heritage's nasi lemak petai.

Yes! all our picks have worthy sambal

3. You can enjoy freshly made Dim Sum before departing

Many people do not know that you can get over 30 freshly made dim sum at both KLIA & klia2. Eden also offers a great Chinese menu for a good family send off. Eden is part of our Top 5 KLIA Eats.

4. Not everything you eat here is expensive

There's a perception that you need to pay a premium to eat in our airports. Well do you know there are are some great budget options too? Here are some ideas on where to get a good, filling meal without breaking the bank (budget video).

5. You can shower, rest and eat for under RM50

A hidden airport gem is Sama-sama Express Lounge. Bet you didn't know you can put your feet up, shower and have a hearty meal for about RM45 at KLIA right? There are also other good transit options too like Flight Club that offers a good buffet, comfy chairs and plenty of plug points to charge up your gadgets and work between flights.

6. You can still eat well in a hurry

We timed some places (when you have half an hour to spare but starving this really matters), and found good options for Grab and Go. You can also do some last minute fuelling on local food at Warung with an express meal option that promises your food delivered in 10 minutes.

7. Even the street food here is good!

Another surprise for us is to find some pretty awesome street food. We discovered char kuey teow that has good 'wok hei', tosei and fry ups like nasi goreng and satay all within walking distance to departure gates.

8. You can eat healthy at the airport

There are now plenty of healthy options at the airport including organic meals and freshly pressed juices. So whatever your food preference, you can get it at our airports now. Green Market is part of our Top 5 klia2 Eats.

Booster juices to pick you up after a long flight

More good food tips? Check out our Top 25 Food Discoveries in KLIA and klia2 for great dining options at Malaysia Airports. Bon Appetite!