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A Guy’s View of Romance

by I. P. Freeley Photography FriedChillies on Wed, February 11, 2009

V-day has always been about the ladies, but how will the opposite sex react when the shoe is on the other foot? Well I.P., our guy on the ground gives some answers on what you can do for your dude on Valentine's

Romance is a two way street

Ok so the day most males cringe at is upon us once again but to be fair in our defense we still roll up our sleeves and play along often against better judgement to lavish our significant other with flowers, chocolates and a fancy romantic candle light dinner. Yes Valentine's is about the ladies and fact of the matter is, February 14 has always been about the fairer sex, regardless if it's origins largely revolve around the beheading of a saint.

But toss that little morbid thought aside and forget the commercialisation of the day and what you're left with is a day where couples of the world unite and celebrate their love for one another. Yes, ‘one another’, which means it swings both ways but that doesn't mean we want flowers, chocolates, actually scratch that we love chocolates, or the token candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Most men actually require a lot less when it comes to romance, but that's not saying we're not without any ideas of what makes for a romantic Valentines. And contrary to popular belief it doesn't always have to revolve around a romp in the sack, although it would be nice if it did.

Seriously though romance like Valentines is a two way street and if you're without ideas here's a few suggestions on how you can make your man feel that extra special on February 14.

Dinner and a Movie
The most common of dates just happens to be the average male’s favourite and it’s not without planning or pure laziness on our part. We just happen to love putting two of our favourite things together. So take a page out of our playbook and put your spin on a dinner and a movie date by preparing a simple meal at home and stocking up on a couple of your man’s favourite DVDs. Men aren’t all that fussy when it comes to food so an easy to fix club sandwich or a freshly baked pizza along with a little nacho chips or potato crisps with some salsa dip should work a treat. After all it’s the effort that counts and truly nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a woman waiting at home with an ice cold six pack, junk food and a warm inviting couch for you both to cuddle on as you take in the umpteenth viewing of 300.

Picnic and a Drive
It’s common knowledge that most guys love their cars so what a perfect way to reward the man in your life by planning a little drive out of city for a tranquil picnic. Plan your trip well, as in the destination and leave the driving to your other half because your role in this lies strictly in the preparation of the food. When preparing a picnic, do remember to keep it simple, so give the soggy sardine sandwiches, stale curry puffs and the bland fried mee hoon a rest and focus on more simple fare like a cheese selection with grapes, open faced sandwiches, crackers with dip and fresh fruit with a nicely chilled bottle of Chardonnay. Its not really rocket science when preparing a picnic basket so if you’re pressed for time, prepare a couple of sandwich fillings like tuna or chicken mayo and pack them into air tight containers and get a couple of French baguettes so you can make them fresh as soon as you’ve set up your picnic spot.

Candles and a Hearty Meal
I’ll be the first to admit that most men don’t find candle lit dinners all that appealing. But most men are ‘okay’ with it every once in a while, so even if this option is more for the ladies, men too sometimes need to be lavished with a little home cooked romance because let’s face it, even a maggi goreng kurang minyak and a teh tarik loses appeal once you’ve had it too often. So for this particular set up, pre-plan the dinner without your guy knowing it and preferably set the dinner up sometime after work. Keep your menus simple to maybe a two or three course meal with a starter such as a prawn cocktail or soup and a main course of either chicken or beef, because hey, you know we love our meats, unless of course you’re dating a vegan. And as far as the set up goes, table cloth or no table cloth, flowers no flowers etc are completely up to you as with if you want dessert because let’s face it nothing caps off a home cooked meal better than a little sweet nookie straight after.

Makan with the Mates

Another idea, which should score high marks with your man is to organise a little get together or pot luck with his friends and yours to celebrate the day. Love like Valentine's after all is often best shared.

Breakfast in Bed

Lay off the dinners and add a new twist to V-Day by preparing a hearty breakfast in bed for the both of you. Stick to the old age favourites of orang juice, coffee, toast or a bagel with jam and keep the breakfast simple because you may both just get to work off the calories with a mid morning romp after.


Easy Pizza

Pitta Bread
Fresh Tomato Sauce or Margherita Pasta Sauce
Sliced Pepperoni, Chopped Bell Peppers and Sliced Mushrooms
Freshly Grated Mozarella Cheese
Pinch of Paprika
Olive Oil

Tobassco Sauce
Dried Chilli Flakes


Place Pitta on a baking pan
Spread Tomato Sauce over Pitta Bread
Sprinkle a little Mozarella Cheese on top
Spread Pepperoni, Peppers and Mushrooms evenly over
Sprinkle generous heaps of Mozarella over and add a pinch of paprika and oregano and drizzle a little olive oil over
Place pan in 220 degree preheated oven and bake for approx 20-25 minutes till cheese melts
Cut and serve immediately

Make a homemade pizza crust by watching Learning Kitchen: Making Pizza

Summer Sandwiches- Mango Chicken with Raisins

Wholemeal Bread or Bun
Sliced Tomatoes, Lettuce Leaves, Cheddar Cheese

Shredded roasted chicken breast
Chopped onion
Low fat mayonnaise
Fresh mango puree or chopped ripe mango
Black Pepper and salt to taste
Raisins or Sultanas

Combine shredded chicken, onion, mayonnaise and mango in bowl and mix till combined
Season with pepper and salt
Butter slices of bread and arrange lettuce leaves, tomatoes and cheese and spoon in filling and serve
For added variety use the filling on sliced French baguettes and garnish with sprigs of parsley and sliced hardboiled eggs