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Barba Bros: The Spiciest Nasi Lemak Sambal with Kambing Bakar

by Honey Ahmad Photography FriedChillies on Wed, April 25, 2018

Fancy a good nasi lemak with a bit of twist? Barba Bros serve up a delicious version with spicy sambal and a side of spiced lamb...

Food truck nasi lemak you can get stuck in!

Wanna try one of the spiciest nasi lemak sambal in town that will make you roll with tears? Read on. Nowadays we are getting more and more young entrepreneurs getting into the F & B game. They bring new energy into something traditional like nasi lemak and collaborate with other eateries to come up with something unique.

Such is the case with En. Rodzman. A banker but with his heart always in food, he quit the banking world to pursue his passion in F & B. He says that final push came when his brother-in-law told hom that his friends were thinking of selling their food business. He then bought Barba Bros lock stock from Hanif and Amar, the original owners, and never looked back. He was in for the ride of his life!

Rodzman proudly shows his nasi lemak with kambing bakar

After taking over the business in 2017, Rodzman set about to put his stamp on the dishes. Barba Bros is known for their tasty nasi lemak with a fiery sambal. Rodzman upgraded the sambal. He doesn’t use asam jawa or asam keping at all (it changes the taste profile he says) and mixes in gula melaka when cooking so that tones down the chili. He also added more shallots adding natural sweetness to the heat of the sambal further so that more people can enjoy it. “It’s still a pretty spicy sambal though but we were able to create our own take on it,” says Rodzman. This is something he relished after the corporate world.

Even the rice went through a revamp. More santan was added. Rodzman fries ginger, spices and pandan leaves in butter for added richness before he puts it with the rice in the cooker. This spirit of innovation also made Barba Bros look for something unique to serve their nasi lemak with.

Hence, Rodzman partnered with his friend who has been making and selling kambing bakar for 7 years in Tapak. The kambing that is marinated with its own spice blend has a charcoally taste that’s clean and sweet and goes amazingly well with Rodzman rich nasi lemak.

Rodzman has a stall at The Port in One Utama but closing it down to concentrate on his food truck.

In the future he wants to concentrate on his food truck and bring his nasi lemak to different locations in Klang Valley. We love the fact that younger people are giving their spin to nasi lemak while making sure that the taste remains very Malaysian. We also salute the collaborative spirit of young food entrepreneurs that makes the food scene in KL more interesting and vibrant. Address: @TAPAK Urban Street Dining, 2, Persiaran Hampshire, Hampshire Park, KL

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