Top 5 Cheesy Dishes

by Ali Photography FriedChillies on Fri, March 24, 2017

We searched high and low to find the best cheesiest snacks to have in Malaysia

Rich, Creamy, Gooey, Cheese...

Everyone knows someone that is obsessed with cheese, especially the stringy, gooey, pull-em-and-stretchy ones. The two most used cheese in cooking are mozzarella and cheddar. Mozzarella is softer and more stretchy in nature and Cheddar has a sharper taste. Cheese lovers we hear you! Here are some great ways to eat cheese street-style in KL.

The Pisang Cheese

Usually people associate cheese with Western dishes especially Italian cuisine (ie - pizza). Who knew cheese would be perfect with Malaysian's favorite afternoon snack: Pisang Goreng. One of the pioneers of the Pisang Goreng Cheese craze in Klang Valley, Kak P now has over 7 branches located in places like Wangsa Maju, Rawang, Shah Alam and even Melaka. Sweet crunchy pisang goreng is topped with shredded cheddar and then you can take it one step further by giving you options to add shredded chocolate, douse salted caramel syrup and many more.

There are plenty of places now thot does Pisang Cheese but this still remains one of the best with a good balance between savoury and sweet. Our mouth watered just thinking about it. Each month there is a new topping to try out.

The Pisang Cheese HQ, Location: Restaurant Jamal Mohamad, SS5A/9, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Murtabak Cheese

The owners here love murtabak, while their kids on the other hand is an avid cheese lover. So what do they do? They combined the two to make something rather unique: murtabak cheese. First the filling is cooked thoroughly and then layered with mozzarella cheese. After that they wrap it with another layer and grill that up. The murtabak is then topped off with more cheese sauce.

The result is a crunchy cheesy dish with a gooey and meaty filling.

Location: Jalan Seri Penchala, Kampung Sungai Penchala

RSMY Cheese Naan

No cheese list would be complete without a cheese naan! RSMY recognises the woes of all cheese naan lovers, which is there is simply not enough cheese! We want to rip into that naan and have cheese spilling out. Fret not cheese naan lovers, here at RSMY they put in a sekepal (the size of a toddlers fist) of mozzarella cheese and wrap it lovingly inside the dough.

Not only that, they bring in a professional naan makers from Pakistan to ensure the naan is soft and fluffy. Naans come without gravy so you have to order sides like keema dan dal fry.

Location: 76, 70, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Crystal Ville, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Martabak Grande

Martabak with an 'a' instead of a 'u' is a popular street food in Jakarta and is similar to our own apam balik. The difference is that the batter is slightly different, and it is way bigger than our traditional apam balik, way bigger. Martabak is filled with lots of sweet things, like chocolate, nuttella, nuts, oreos and then a block of cheddar is grated to fill up the martabak. The martabak itself comes in three different flavors namely original, vanilla, and red velvet.

There is also a martabak masin which closer to our own murtabak here eaten with acar.

Location: 3-1, Jalan PJU 7/16a, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya

Roti John Cheese Sekilo

Roti John is a well known street food in Malaysia especially during fasting month. The idea for roti john cheese came when the owner decided to combine his burger bakar marination with murtabak cheese and the rest is history. The name is pure marketing, chosen to incite the imagination. We're not sure if there is a kg of cheese in this roti john but it is a hefty sandwich. The filling which is beaten egg and spiced meat and onions is fried on a pool of margarine (even for this they tested several brands before coming up with the best for their dish), a generous layer of grated cheese is scattered on every inch of the filling and then only the bread is pressed on top. And if that's not enough, more sauce is smothered on top.

This is sloppy, gooey and ridiculous but it strangely works.

Location: Jalan Pelabur B 23/B, Seksyen 23, 40300 Shah Alam, Selangor


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