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Best Malaysian Cuisine at The Airport

by Farah D. Photography FriedChillies on Mon, November 27, 2017

We have compiled some great local dishes at our airports as your one stop guide on what is good. Don't be afraid of our elaborate menu or complex dishes. Just follow this guide and you'll be fine.

One Stop Guide To Our Great Local Dishes at the Airport

Visitors coming to KL are usually in for a treat when they touch down in one of our airports, especially when it comes to food. Malaysia is blessed with a cornucopia of tasty local dishes that you can sample even before you catch that taxi to your hotel. So, whether you're here for the first or umpteenth time, we have listed out the best Malaysian cuisine available in KLIA and klia2 so you can enjoy them as soon as you arrive or even as a last-minute meal just before you leave.



You've cleared customs and you've picked up your luggage but you want to have a bite to eat before you make your way to the taxi counter.

Food Garden

For a great start to your day, try the Nasi Lemak at Mamak Kandar Rice. Consisting of coconut rice with a side of sweet onion sambal, cucumber, anchovies and peanuts, Nasi Lemak is Malaysia's most popular breakfast dish. We love to have it with Sambal Udang, juicy shrimps in thick spicy sambal, delicious when mixed in with rice. If you don't like shrimps, the Sambal Sotong (spicy chilli squid) is also a great alternative.

When it's time for lunch, order Kam Heong Chicken Rice from Nyonya Meals. Chicken pieces are cooked in a tasty dark sauce seasoned with curry powder, soy sauce and dried shrimps to produce a complex and unique dish that pairs well with plain rice.

Looking for a sweet ending to your meal? Cendol at Selera Nusantara is a wonderful choice. Sweet Gula Melaka, rich coconut milk and chewy green strands of cendol come together in a dish that will refresh and delight your tastebuds.

Level 2, Main Terminal, KLIA

Hameed Dalca

Newly renovated and strategically located at Level One at the bus terminal, this is a great little stop before you board your bus to the city. Get yourself a crispy Roti Telur (crispy flatbread filled with egg) with a savoury curry, or have it the Malaysian way with dhal and a dollop of sambal in the middle.

Bus Terminal, Level 1, KLIA


Your trip is almost coming to an end and you're still hungry for Malaysian food, give our suggestions a try before you board your flight to your next destination.


Stop over at Grandmama's if you find yourself catching a flight from the International Departures in KLIA. Curb that hankering for hawker food with the Char Kway Teow, packed with tons of wok-hei flavour, cooked well and topped with a multitude of condiments. This is a scrumptious pre-flight meal.
The Nasi Ayam Istimewa is another winning dish, it's like a tasting platter of sorts because along with the tri-coloured rice, you'll get Assam Prawns, Beef Rendang and Fried Chicken. This is a filling dish that will satisfy all your cravings.

SS M01, Mezzanine Level (Level 2), International Departure, Satellite Building, KLIA
Open 10am -10pm daily



BIbik Heritage

Take a pick from the selection of Nyonya fare on offer at Bibik Heritage. We love the Nasi Rendang- rice paired with aromatic chicken rendang with a side of sambal, it's the perfect way to fill up your tummy before you board that train or taxi to the city. This eatery opens 24 hours daily, so you can indulge in a meal here at any time of the day.
Lot S2-3-L40, Departure Level (Level 3), Main Terminal Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily


Hot Wok

If you have some time to spare before boarding, you should sample the Yong Chow Fried Rice at Hot Wok. Fried-to-order, it has plenty of yummy garlic flavour that is typical of Chinese hawker cuisine. This is an easy and convenient choice if you are stumped and not sure what to have.
S6-3-A21(e), Food Court, Level 3, International Departure, Satellite Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily

Taste Of India

In need of some spicing up? Taste of India can provide that for you with their amazing selection of curries and chutneys. Try the Thosai if you need a pick-me-up in the morning, freshly-made every day, use it to mop up their dhal and spicy coconut chutney. This is a super-tasty and an awesome way to begin your journey home.

Lot S6-3-A21(c), Food Court, Level 3, International Departure, Satellite Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily but Thosai and Roti Canai are only available between 7am-10am