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Budget Eats in KLIA and klia2 for 2017

by Farah D. Photography FriedChillies on Sat, December 02, 2017

We found out that we can eat delicious rice dishes at our airport for under RM15, who said you have to spend a ton to eat well in our airports.

Delicious Rice Dishes Under RM15

We've explored KLIA and klia2 to bring to you a selection of affordable meals that will keep both your tummy and wallet happy. This list will keep you well-fed without breaking the bank so you have money left over for souvenir shopping during your holiday or business trip. Our line-up of mouthwatering dishes is suitable for all travellers, regardless of what their budget might be.


1. Pantai Timur, Food Garden, KLIA

East Coast delights are aplenty at this much-loved stall in KLIA's Food Garden. We recommend the Nasi Dagang, rich coconut rice served with cucumber pickles and a Kelantanese chicken curry, thick with aromatic spices and a little hint of sweetness. Priced at RM11.20 each per plate, it's a hefty breakfast or lunch meal well suited for any budget.
Level 2, Main Terminal, KLIA

2. Selera Nusantara, Food Garden, KLIA

Nasi campur lovers can head over to this stall and take their pick from the variation of lauks available. If you're feeling lost and overwhelmed by the choices, a definite must-try is their Asam Pedas, stingray cooked in tangy and spicy tamarind broth. Have it with rice and veg for a meal that will sustain you till boarding time. The rice+veg+asam pedas combination will only set you back about RM13, that's a bargain for an airport meal.
Level 2, Main Terminal, KLIA

3. Deli N Meals, KLIA

The rice and lauk combos offered at Deli N Meals are a godsend for travellers looking for meals that are value for money. Fill up your tummy with rice, chicken and veg for less than RM10. You have the option to choose any chicken dish but we suggest you try their fried chicken. Golden, tender and seasoned with a myriad of spices, it's tasty and satisfying. Better yet, with the affordable price tag of RM7.30, it most definitely won't cause a dent to your travel funds.
L1 03, Level 1, Main Terminal Building, KLIA
Open 24 hours daily


4. Agrobazaar, klia2

Low-cost travelling can now be even cheaper with our food recommendations in klia2. With most dishes priced below RM15 at Agrobazaar, you'll get bang for your buck when you enjoy a meal here. We like their Nasi Berlauk Ayam, plain rice paired with Gulai Ayam, chicken cooked in a curry-like gravy that's creamy and succulent. The rice soaks up the gravy well, which makes every delicious mouthful a mix of sweet and spicy tastes.
Departure Hall, Main Terminal Building, klia2

5. Mamak, klia2

Affordable mamak fare awaits you at this establishment. For just RM13, you can enjoy a plate of BIryani Ayam Madu, biryani rice served alongside a generous portion of chicken drenched in a sweet honey sauce. To make it even yummier, ask the server for 'kuah campur', their expert hands will pour a mixture of gravy onto your rice, resulting in a heady explosion of delicious flavours on your plate.
Lot S2-3A-L02, Departure Level (Level 3A), Main Terminal Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily