Breakfast Spots Before Flying 101

by Farah D. Photography FriedChillies on Mon, December 03, 2018

Early morning flights can be challenging, your brain is in a foggy mist and your stomach needs to be filled with food before you can proceed to the next leg of your journey.

It's The Most Important Meal Of The Day!

Here is a list of places that are great breakfast spots for you to try the next time your plane is departing in the wee hours of the morning.


1. Pantai Timur, Food Garden

Nasi Campur is a cheap and filling breakfast that everyone enjoys. At Pantai Timur, you can get a set of nasi campur with a side of Sambal Paru and Masak Lemak Pucuk Paku for under RM10. Tender and perfectly cooked, this Sambal Paru features a sweet and spicy sambal. It’s a favourite amongst the staff at KLIA so come here early if you want to sample the Sambal Paru because some days they are sold out even before 9am!

L2 04, Level 2, Main Terminal Building, KLIA
Available from 7am to 11 am daily

2. Coffee Sandwich Revival

Coffee can help to get your engines running in the mornings, if you’re craving an Americano, Coffee Sandwich Revival serves a decent cuppa. Pair it with a baked pastry like their popular Chunky Beef Pie, buttery flaky crust covers a filling of meat and potatoes, infused with herbs for a quick brekkie that is great on the go. If you prefer a sweet start to your day, you can opt for the delectable chocolate muffins instead.

Contact Pier, Domestic Level, KLIA
Open 6am to 11pm daily


3 Little Café

Noodles are a satisfying way to fill you up first thing in the morning. Little Café’s Korean Shin Ramyun Ramen packs some heat to help wake up your taste buds in the AM. Try the Hor Fun if your tummy is too delicate to handle too much spiciness at dawn. Need to perk up even more? Grab a White Coffee at the counter for that much needed boost of caffeine.

Domestic Departure/Arrival Level (Level 1A), Pier K, klia2
Open 24 hours daily

4. Dim Sum

Departing from klia2 to an international destination? Have a dim sum breakfast at the food court. The dim sum booth serves a selection of dim sums take you can sample as a light meal. The steamed Siew Mai with a yummy filling of chicken and shrimp is a healthy option, but if you’re feeling indulgent, give the crispy taro puff and salted egg buns a try.

Food Court, Level 3, International Departure, Satellite Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily