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Brickfields Big Brunch Crawl

by The Charlie Photography FriedChillies on Wed, July 20, 2011

Join us for a brunch tour of Brickfields. Make sure to have plenty of room in your tummy because you'll be eating tons of delicious curries and more!

Curry heaven!

Nothing is more synonymous with Indian life in the Klang Valley than Brickfields. Our own Little India, it boasts spice shops, textile stores, snacks and sweets galore, and a whole host of restaurants! On any given day, you can see old men nursing hot mugs of tea while women chatter about in sundry shops, the smell of curry permeating the air. We Foodsters set to find out just how much curry we could take in the morning and went on a crawl of Brickfields to find out!

Sri Paandi

What’s a morning crawl of Indian food without roti? The rotis here run a little dense, but they’re really good on their own. If you want your roti a little lighter, the roti telur here is ironically the better choice as the layer of dough is thinner. What won us over was their poori - crunchy puffed up breads loaded down with a generous helping of potato masala on top. Perfection.

254, Jalan Tun Sambanthan

GR Chips

Strolling down Jalan Tun Sambanthan towards KL Sentral, we chanced upon an indian snacks stall near the food court near the Jalan Travers intersection. All sorts of murukku were arranged on a table. In giant plastic bins on the side, even more snacks with peanuts, murukku and crispy peas tightly sealed in. There was a large pile of fried peanuts passersby kept stopping by to buy (plain, skinned, and even those spicy battered ones). No doubt these look delicious but we couldn’t resist the spicy murukku and fried crispy peas. Stock up for those late night munchies; most at RM5 for 3 packets.

Jassal Tandoori Restaurant

For some of the consistently best Indian sweets, it’s got to be Jassal. They sell a good variety of palkova - some jacked up with nuts, some with silver leaf, some chocolate flavoured - and have the original one in a handy-take away container. Tubs of gulab jamun stacked in the fridge called our name and we got one to take away for quick energy boosts in the office.

84, Jalan Tun Sambanthan

Gandhi’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian dishes laid out mixed-rice style, it has a tasty mix of vegetable and mock-meat offerings. We’re not huge fans of mock-meat but Gandhi’s really delivered on taste. We had the spicy “mutton” masala, creamy “chicken”, curried chickpeas and deep fried cauliflower and bittergourd. Rasam and tairu followed and we drank up every last drop. People come from all around here to pack this place up during lunch and we can definitely see why! Nix the rice for this stop to save room for later and just snack on everything tapas-style.

Ground Floor, Scott Sentral Serviced Apartments, Jalan Scott

Merdeka Trading Corporation

Pungent garam masala. Huge bins filled with specialty flours. Plastic containers filled with ghee, their different melting points noted down neatly in front of every stack. Merdeka Trading Corporation is a beautiful foodie’s dream, and we were just floating around in it, taking in all the smells. Much different from your regular spice shop, this place grinds their own spices and curry mixes, adding in uncommon ingredients like dried mango powder into their blends. Get them to whip up a batch of spice mix for you according to your own taste preferences. Worth every penny and minute spent.

25, Jalan Scott

Vishal Chettinad Mess

One of the Foodsters’ favourite banana leaf haunts of all time, Vishal has some of the best curries this side of town. Load up your leaf with that mountain of rice, drench it in fish and chicken curries and be sure to stop the waiters as they walk by with the giant trays of dishes and get some mutton varuval or fried chicken. Ikan bulus is terrific here, so crunchy you could almost eat the whole thing, bones and all. We also love their chicken beriyani; different beriyanis are on offer on different days so be sure to check with the waiters.

15, Jalan Scott

A serious detox and multiple workouts were in order as we staggered out of Brickfields. You’ll never go wrong with a couple of hours and an empty stomach in this part of town on any day at all. Just remember to head straight home to shower the curry smell out of your hair and lapse into the best food coma you’ll ever have.


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