Brunch Fry-Ups

by Keeta B. Photography FriedChillies on Tue, April 21, 2009

Who doesn't love a weekend fry-up brunch? Whether it's a well deserved treat after a long week of dieting and hitting the gym, or a much needed cure for a Friday night drink-binge, we've got our Top 5 picks, guaranteed to suit every budget!

Fry-ups are the perfect Sunday brunch

The Posh Nosh – RM 25 and above

Jarrod & Rawlins
If you're craving 'non-halal', sinfully satisfying fried bacon, sausages and eggs, this is definitely the place to go for breakfast that will have you loosening your belt buckle. Available on weekends, the J & R's Special Fried Breakfast set consists of two eggs, two sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread, coffee and juice. Oh and I know we mentioned the fried bread, but it deserves another mention – deliciously fried in oil yet retaining it's crunchiness, and lathered with butter. It's love at first bite!

La Bodega
This famed establishment serves all day breakfast, and the Telawi branch offers a variety of board games at their upstairs dining area, so this is a great place for a weekend brunch with friends and gossip over a game of scrabble. The big breakfast comes with toasted brown bread, sautéed mushrooms, sausages, beef bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato and 2 eggs any way you like (we love the poached eggs!) You can even order a side of hash browns to get that extra carb kick! For the more health conscious there are also other options such as eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, sandwiches and muesli. Their freshly squeezed juices and coffees go great with breakfast too!

The Magnificent Fish and Chip Bar (MFCB)
The ultimate hangover cure is here! Forget a bath and 2 Panadols, head on down bleary eyed with your shades on and your uncombed hair and order the ultimate fry-up, thick sausages (this is the real deal, not like your Ayam Mas variety) baked beans, toast, 2 eggs (we like ours sunny side up with gooey centres to mop the bread with) beef bacon, and grilled tomato. Sounds like your usual fry-up but comes with a twist; MFCB serves their big breakfast with a refreshing glass of Bloody Mary, the perfect alcoholic remedy to cure the storms of too much alcohol the night before! And if it puts you in the mood, stay on for a couple of beers, as you watch sleepy sunday in KL pass by.

Breakfast on a budget – RM15 and below

.99 Steak & Chop @ TTDI
From the people who brought us Dave's Deli, .99 is your friendly neighbourhood grill. If you're looking for a fry-up that won't blow a huge hole in your pocket, then this is the place. The 'Breakfast with the Lot' comes with sausages, baked beans, French fries, toasted bread with butter and 2 sunny side up eggs. You can even go for the meatless option, 2 eggs with toasted bread and baked beans. Breakfast is available on weekdays as well. If you're hankering for a fry-up but your partner wants something more local, they also do Nasi Lemak. You can also get Teh Tarik here, pair it with your fry-up for a bit of a Malaysian twist!

Do it yourself! - RM5 and below

Big Fry-Up Breakfast at home
If money is extremely tight, but you can't get enough of a deliciously greasy brekkie, why not make it yourself? It takes absolutely no time at all and since you're cooking it for yourself, you won't skimp on ingredients! Our home made fry up consisted of 2 sausages (the jumbo variety with cheese inside), 2 eggs (sunny side up with runny yolk), fresh button mushrooms (not canned) sautéed with shallots, light baked beans (less fat, or so it claims!) and yummy white bread dipped in oil and fried to crispy perfection. Here's a breakdown of the cost we spent to make this yummy breakfast for 4:-

Baked Beans 425g RM 2.39
Big Yellow Onion RM 0.65
Jumbo Sausages (10 pcs) RM 4.49
Sliced Button Mushrooms RM 4.99
Eggs (1 dozen) RM 4.29
Bread RM 2.10

In total, this delicious fry-up costed us RM4.72 each! If you have cash to spare, substitute supermarket sausages for gourmet ones, and dip your bread in a herb infused olive oil for a healthier, but equally delicious fried bread option! Don't forget some juice to go with it!

So this weekend, why not rally your friends and enjoy a scrumptious fry-up!