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Cookies For The Kiddies

by Edwan S. Photography FriedChillies on Mon, March 24, 2014

If the kids have gotten bored of going out to malls or playing their computers, why not get them baking instead? It's easy, fun and they get to eat their delicious creations.

These cookies are child's play.. literally!

It's the school holidays so the kids are pretty much going to be at home. Now is a great time for some easy kitchen capers with your kids. So turn off the video games and get them off their butts. Here are five easy cookie recipes for you and the kids to make.

Super Easy Nutella Cookies

These cookies are fool and kiddie proof. It's so easy even with zero cooking skills, you can pull this off. Heck, our social media guy made this at the office, and he's not even really into cooking, let alone baking! Recipe here!

Honey Cornflakes Cookies

A Raya staple, this is another cookie recipe that won't break you into a sweat or require stiff arms mixing dough. They look really pretty too. Get the recipe here

M&M Cookies

Yes, we know, this one is kinda of a sugar rush, but man they're awesome all the same. Your kids are guaranteed to love these cookies. Recipe!

Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now how about a classic kid friendly recipe? Make these awesome choco-chip cookies at home and earn some brownie points. Whip up a batch here.

Sugar Cookies

THE easiest recipe on this list, and probably the most fun too as you can whip up some icing in various colours and let your kids have fun decorating them!

So there you go folks. Turn on the oven (with supervision!) and get the kids making cookies. Quality family time and sweets always go good together.