Cooking With Kids

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Wed, March 22, 2017

School holidays are the best time for you and your kids to have fun and spend some quality time. Get them involved in making these 3 simple recipes and make this into a fun learning experience!

Roll their little sleeves up and get cooking!

School holidays are here and parents sometimes run out of ideas on what fun activities they can do with their children. With safety in mind, a kitchen can be a wonderful and fun learning place for you and your kid. Ideally you want to have simple recipes on hand so your children can understand the steps easily, help you mix and add ingredients, stir or even lick the spatula clean!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, regardless for an adult or a child. Usually on school day, a parent usually provide the quickest and easiest meal for your child before dropping them off to school and going about their busy schedule. Now with ample time on their hands, pry them away from their iPads and gadgets and get them involved in making a really simple Banana Pancake recipe.

Packed with vitamins from bananas and other ingredients, this is a really good nutritious breakfast for your child - except if you drench it in pancake syrup. In this recipe, they can do the simple things like mashing up the bananas, mixing the batter and if you are comfortable enough, let them flip the pancake over in the pan. So fun!

For an easy lunch snack, these Loaded Potato Boats are tasty and fun to eat. The best thing about this yummy treat is that you can incorporate veggies and "hide" them with grated cheese. You can get the baked potato ready, chop up all the ingredients and let your kids mix it up and load them into the potato boats.

Get a bowl of grated cheese ready and let them sprinkle it over the fillings. Be sure to explain the dangers of a hot oven and let them watch the cheese melt from a safe distance. If your kids are adventurous, you can jazz these up with some blue cheese and serve with some Tabasco sauce. Yummy!

Baking cakes or cookies is one of the most fond childhood memories. Whether it is for a birthday, festivity or any special occasion, baking something is always a treat. The best thing is to lick the bowl or spatula clean. Admit it, your did it too when you were a child. This Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is easy to make, even for the most novice cooks.

Clean your table and get all the ingredients ready, this will minimize the mess and washing up too. Remember to cool down the cookies before serving them. You might need to keep an eye and swat some cheeky impatient hands away.