Cool Food Gadgets

by Ebee Photography FriedChillies on Mon, June 22, 2009

Most people think that food is all about eating, a completely biological routine in our daily life. But for some people, eating is not only about satisfying your belly, it's an important part of culture and art. Check out our Favourite 5 Cool Food Gadgets

Turn your kitchen into an art space!

Just like any creative muse, food is an inspiring aspect for many people, leading them to create useful and efficient gadgets that are beautifully designed as well! Let’s see what food has done to inspire designers in making the eating (and drinking) experience even cooler!

#1: Pizza Scissors
We know that cutting the 'perfect' pizza slice has always been a difficult thing to do, but now you can get that perfect piece every time with these giant pizza scissors! Attached with a wedge spatula for lifting, now your cut slice is ready to be served in one cool swoop. Save time and avoid those 'hot cheese' burns with this nifty gadget!

Edward Scissorhands wonders if he can wrangle an upgrade

Price : USD 20.00

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#2: Fred Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray
Most of us fancy ice cubes in our in drinks, especially when the weather is really hot and the only saving grace is a cool tall glass of iced tea. We know there are already hundreds of cool ice-cube tray designs out there, but not many stands out like this one. This soft, food-safe synthetic rubber ice mold makes two denture ice cubes right in your freezer. It's just like seeing your grandmother's dentures in your glass, except more hygienic! As conceptual as it is, this ice cube maker is really cool to use as a silly gag you can play on your friends, imagine their faces when you serve them a glass of cold water with these babies inside!

Have you see Grandpa's teeth?

Price : USD 5.40

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#3: Milk Glass Lamp LED
Remember how mommy used to prepare milk for us before bedtime? This is pretty much a cool idea inspired by that happy childhood memory. Designed by LED to look exactly like a real glass of milk, this table lamp is one of the more interesting gadgets that I’ve seen recently. When upright, the LED light is turned on and when put on its side or stored upside down the LED light switches off automatically. This definitely makes a perfect piece for your bedside table, as long as you don't wake up in the middle of the night and try to drink from it!

She regretted buying this lamp after being electrocuted twice in one night

Price : USD 11.95

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#4. Portable Toaster by Kim Been
Here's some great news for those of you who always has to miss your morning brekkie at home because you have to deal with unfriendly traffic to get to the office. Kim Been has designed this portable toaster to brighten your day which is small enough bring inside your bag, or even to place inside your desk drawer. Not only is it cute to look at, it toasts breads sideways, meaning it's a maximum storage saver. Designed in the shape of a knife, all you have to do is slide it into the slot like you would spread butter on your bread, and voila! Hot delicious toast in a minute!

I want toast in the jungle... in the swimming pool... on top of Mount Kinabalu...

Price : N/A (Not yet available in market)

#5. Bottle Cap Tripod
For those pocket digital camera users, now you don't have to worry about lugging around a troublesome tripod, just have this handy little helper on you. This pocket sized marvel magically turns any normal sized bottle into a tripod, ideal for night shots and self portraits. On the technical side, this bottle cap tripod fits bottles within the 28.5 to 30.5mm diameter range. Never thought a humble beverage bottle could make life so much easier, eh?

Blurry shots, no more!

Price : USD 19.90

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So what's life without these kitschy, cute gadgets to brighten up your mundane meals? Let us know about any cool kitchen or food gadgets you own and how it has enriched your life at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and win yourself a FriedChillies Mug. As artist Joshua Jackson once said, “A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts”, so be sure to fill your kitchen with these great gadgets and turn it into your very own art space.