Food Hero

Food Hero: Tok Bih

by Arslan Z. Photography FriedChillies on Fri, February 02, 2018

Today, we’ve decided to make Tok Bih our very own FriedChillies Food Hero for all the hard work and passion she’s put into her food inheritance. Thank you Tok Bih.

Depa kata sedap, bawak mai kawan-kawan. Tok Bih suka sangat.

Tok Bih first arrived in Kuala Lumpur about 50 years ago. She brought with her knowledge and a deep appreciation for ‘Utara’ (Northern) home cooking, embedded by her mother since she was young. Hesitant at first to serve the masses with her Northern fare, a little bit of persuasion from friends and family gave Tok Bih the courage to open up a small ‘Warung’ at her neighbourhood in Chow Kit.

She went on to feed the hungry tummies of the hardworking young men back then with a variety of classics like Laksa Kedah, Cempedak Goreng and her ever famous Lopes Kedah.

Tok Bih's delectable Lopes. Even her Gula Melaka is specially made with a bit of fennel seeds added in

The story goes that Tok Bih would usually cook up something for herself to eat at the warung while selling her regular delights, and it has been a customary for her regulars to taste whatever she makes for herself. With that, Tok Bih decided to let her regulars choose what she cooks and sells over the week.

Now Tok Bih is close to 90 years old, residing in Taman Melati. She has shared with us invaluable traditional culinary knowledge, from her homemade lauk-pauk to her sought after Kuih like Lopes Kedah and Lompang. This lady has a lot of knowledge to pass on. We hope we can pass on Toh Bih's heritage as long as we can, while we can.