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A Foodie’s Guide to Publika

by Alexa P. Photography Dilla on Fri, June 15, 2012

Publika, an urban centre that celebrates individuality and offers tons of cool hip eateries.

The 'it' place to hangout and have fun!

Word on the street is that Publika is the new cool hangout. This spot offers up a range of restaurants, cafes, eateries, on top of which they're the new artsy place to be with their numerous events, art exhibitions and more. Though sometimes it can be inundated by trendy hipsters, Publika is also a foodie's heaven. We draw up a little guide for you to suss out Publika's delicious offerings.

For the Coffee Addict

If you love coffee, head over to The Red Beanbag for a cuppa.

If there's one thing Publika is not short of it's coffee joints. Almost every step you take you'll bump into a cosy cafe perfect for that cuppa joe. If you're looking for a great morning pick-me-up we suggest The Red Beanbag. Their coffees are strong and packed with robust flavour without being drowned out by too much milk as some places have been known to do. The beans are always ground on demand to ensure freshness in a cup and milk is foamed to perfection to give that smooth silky touch. The breakfast here is also worth waking up for with items such as the specialty baked eggs which features eggs cracked into a baking dish with lamb, beef and chicken bratwurst, sun dried tomatoes, aubergine, potatoes, and cheese. This is baked to bubbling perfection and served with a delightful crusty bread.

For a chilled out locale head over to The Bee which is the perfect place to just kick back and relax with a cup of java. The mis-matched furnishing makes this a quaint and artsy place that often attracts creative minds who meet over a hot brew. Here they serve affordable fuss-free food and great coffee. They also carry The Last Polka ice-cream, and you can even find alcoholic milkshakes to indulge in.

Have a brew and chill in T Forty Two. It's a quirky lil' cafe.

If it's great ambience you're after stop in to one of Benjamin Yong's outlets such as Plan B, Ben's, or T Forty Two for a brew. The decor is fun and inviting, enticing you to stay awhile and relax.

Cafe Societe's red velvet cake goes so well with a cup of hot coffee.

For something a bit quieter, take a stroll upstairs over to Coffee Societe. Coffee here can be enjoyed in all its simplicity with a slice of cake on the side. The dark chocolate cake and red velvet will have you drooling for more. Both are incredibly moist, not too sweet, and the perfect compliment to a hot cup of coffee.

For the Porcine Inclined

Throngs of people come to Eat Village for lunch.

To start with, if you're a fan of all things porky, you'll find three great spots that highlight the other white meat. Eat Village is a non-halal food court that focuses on our local hawker delights such as char kway teow, wantan mee, and my personal favorite, Kin Kin pan mee. The noodles here are almost exactly like the original, only difference is that instead of sitting in a hot packed coffee shop you can indulge in your spicy bowl of pan met in the comfort of the air-conditioned food court.

They serve a mean pork burger.

Fatboy's Burger Bar is another delicious stop that serves a mean pork burger. The concept here is that you get to build your own burger from the choice of bun to patty to toppings and even the sauce. There are also unique burgers to choose from the menu and if you're feeling adventurous go for the Elvis Burger which features a pork patty topped with peanut butter and bananas. It sounds a little strange, yet the flavours oddly work together. The burgers here are juicy and absolutely delicious.

Dine in a glamorous Hollywood-ish setting. Definitely a haven for pork lovers!

If you're looking for a nice place to have dinner S.wine by the BIG Group is one of the newer places around. Their entire menu is dedicated to pork with dishes such as pork ribs, bacon aglio olio, momofuko pork buns, pork chops and more. Visit them on weekends for a porky brunch complete with homemade sausages and crisp bacon.

For the Peckish Snacker

As you hop around Publika you'll notice that there are many little spots to just grab something small to satisfy slight hunger pangs. For something cooling and sweet grab a frozen yogurt at Moo Cow or Sweet Chills, both spots offer deliciously smooth yogurt with a variety of toppings.

Vietnamese spring rolls made with fresh ingredients.

If you're feeling up for something light and healthy give Quick Bites a try and order the Vietnamese spring roll with either prawn or chicken. They also serve bahn mi sandwiches that are pork free.

Crispy XXL size chicken that will satisfy one's craving.

For a savoury sinful treat head over to Shilin Taiwan Street Snacks. These are treats from the alleys of Taiwan's street markets and you'll find bites such as XXL crispy chicken, crispy floss egg crepe, oyster mee sue and seafood tempura. These greasy snacks are sure to hit the spot when you're looking for something satisfying.

The curry puffs are smokin'!

Who doesn't love curry puffs as a snack? Smokin' Salma's dishes out a bevy of curry puffs from the usual chicken to sardine and even a vegetarian option with a turnip puff. Another signature treat here is their handmade murtabak, stuffed with 100percent Aussie beef. This is less greasy than most mamak versions, but thankfully not dry.