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Foodsters’ Favourite 50

by The Foodster Photography Riz Ainuddin, The Foodster on Fri, January 09, 2009

Food is a lifestyle for us at FriedChillies. Somehow whatever conversation we are having or thing we are doing, it somehow leads back to food. That's why this list has all sorts from foodies we love right down to things we can't live without...

All the delicious makan places, all the cool kitchen gadgets, all the great foodie stuff to tell you guys!

This past year has indeed been an eventful year for us at Foodster Central. Oh there are many, many things on our favourite list but our Editor says that we can only choose 50! All the delicious makan places, all the cool kitchen gadgets, all the great foodie stuff to tell you guys.. 50 only? Sigh... Anyway, here are the categories we divided them into :

Favourite Food Ambassador, Favourite non-Malaysian, Favourite Neighbourhood Butcher, Favourite Food Event, Favourite Traditional Remedy, Most Travelled Local Cuisine, Most Fun from a Disposable Item, Most Ingenious Use of a Bottle, Favourite 5 Kitchen Items, Favourite Food Items, Best Guilty Pleasure, Cheapest Happy Snack, Most Expensive Yummy Dish, Favourite Food Locations, Favourite Eateries, Favourite 5 Food Production Stuff, Favorite Creative Director's Camera, Food in Entertainment and Media, Favourite 5 Brands, Favourite Anytime Activity, Favourite Ritual, Favourite Foodster Activity.

A good point to note is that we are not ranking them here. If they appear at no. 8, it does not necessarily mean that they are better than no 48. It just means that the category in which they appear is much later in the article. So without further ado.... after much argument, negotiation, debate, bribery, tears and approximately 50 teh tariks, here are the people, places and stuff we give the thumb’s up to for 2008.


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Fresh Dim Sum at KLIA
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It's made fresh daily at Eden KLIA

Worlds Biggest Nasi Lemak Event
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I Eat Nasi Lemak 2016 is Back!