Top 5 Middle-Eastern Eateries

by Ali Photography FriedChillies on Fri, March 17, 2017

From sit down dining with rice feasts to street-side rolled-up kebabs, here are our picks for some of the best Arab Food in Kang Valley.

Arabic food to suit all occasions and budgets!

When someone mentions Middle-Eastern cuisine or Arab dishes, we imagine kebabs, long-grained rice, and tons and tons of meat. With so many Middle-Eastern restaurants opening all over Klang Valley, how do you choose with ones to start with? Here are our top 5 picks from sit down dinners with the whole family to street-side kebabs...

Aroma Hijrah

The owner of this establishment fell in love with Arabic cuisine when he visited Mecca and decided to open his own restaurant here in Malaysia. This huge restaurant (five shop-lots!) features food from the Arabic diaspora namely Yemeni and Syrian cuisine. There are three types of rice you can choose here which are Mandy Rice (Yemeni), Khabsa Rice (Syrian) and Maqlubah (Palestinian). Each rice features spices and recipes from different countries.

Khabsa rice for example is long-grained, cooked and steamed with lashings of saffron oil and jumbo currants. Lamb here is super tender with a clean taste riddled with spices. For dessert try the baklava cream washed down with a refreshing Khairan, a yogurt drink blended with berries.

Jalan Opera H U2/H, Taman TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam

Jonbab Kebab

Who knew you can get a good kebab off the street in Wangsa Maju? Mr. Sedat who hails from Turkey brings his authentic recipe and more than 20 years of experience, producing luscious kebabs served up in warm pittas and his special garlic mayonnaise. There are also 6 other sauces to choose from.

He marinates 20kg of meat for two hours and builds his doner kebab daily. Right now he has chicken but will be adding beef to the menu. He does lamb for catering only. Our tip? Have it with gherkins and chilli pickles (he puts them in on request), this will take your kebab to the next level!

Jalan 4a/27a, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur (right opposite Oldtown)


This 2-year-old establishment is fairly new. Nevertheless, the food here is mouth-wateringly good. Mozers serves some of the best authentic Syrian dishes in town that's fragrant with spices. Bread here is made fresh all day and is wonderfully soft. We love the Arayes Chicken and Cheese which features spiced chicken with cheese in between two crispy pittas and Fried Zahra, an aromatic fried cauliflower dish.

The Shish Kebab here is also juicy and tender. Wrap the meat in bread and dip it in their awesome garlic sauce.

Ground floor, Subang Parade, Subang Jaya

Nasi Arab Masjid Kuning

Nasi Arab Masjid Kuning is only available on Fridays, hence why it's so special. Served only during lunch during Friday prayers, this under the radar spot has it's die-hard fans. The recipe was given by the owner's Auntie and their brand of Nasi Arab is called Nasi Maghout. Unlike most nasi Arab that's quite dry, Maghout has gravy as is tomato based, sort of like an Arabic stew.

Regular customers swear the food here tastes different from other restaurants. The rice here is serve with sambal, dalca and a yoghurt salad.

Every Friday from 11am to 3pm next to Masjid Kuning, Kota Damansara

AHR Express

AHR Express could possibly be the only Food Truck that serves Middle-Eastern food. The dishes here are prepared a few hours before at their main kitchen before loaded onto the truck.

We recommend the kebabs made from freshly ground meat and spices. The chicken kebab wrapped with fresh vegetables is lovely and juicy. With each bite you can taste spices in the meat plus the tasty garlic sauce and chilli sauce.

Check them online for their location as they are set up in different locations daily.