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A Subang Jaya Foodcrawl

by Ali Photography FriedChillies on Tue, September 05, 2017

Subang Jaya has a ton of shops, stalls, street food and food trucks to choose from for the hungry foodie. It's impossible to cover everything so here's some of our favourite eateries to get you started...

You'll never go hungry in Subang Jaya!

Subang Jaya is well known for a vibrant cafe culture and Indie restaurants. With so many universities in the area, the crowd is youthful this helped shape the newer eating places and indirectly attract businesses that cater to a generation who love to be seen in trendy shops. However, being a neighbourhood that is also well settled with many families, there are also makan joints that stood the test of time that is still in business.

Start the day with a newish cafe called The Crusty Nest in SS15 that offers a love child between a pizza and a pie. This is a pizza with a flaky pie crust called a pie-zzz. You can of course expect other great pies here as well as breakfast items like thick breakfast toasts and oatmeals.

Right across The Crusty Nest is the SS15 Wet Market. Head to the top floor for the food court. Look for Kak Laily Nasi Ayam, and you're set for some good old Malay chicken rice. The rice is flavourful here, you can taste the chicken stock in each bite but it's not overpowering. There is no steam chicken here, but the roast chicken is so good, you won't miss it. The tender chicken is glazed with honey, and roasted crispy on the outside.

Few blocks down (the same row as The Crusty Nest), you'll find Nasi Kandar Utara. It's just one of the best Nasi Kandar you can get in the area. Come here get yourself a plate of rice, a medley of curry poured on top and their awesome ayam goreng rempah. It's crispy and juicy and pretty much freshly fried because there are always people here at any time of day.

At the intersection of SS15/5B & SS15/5G there is a small makeshift stall that sells a phenomenal nasi biriyani. The long grains of rice is infused with spices (we suspect it is Pakistani spices) that sets it apart from the other shops. The green chilli peppers is a treat to all those who love spicy food. All of this for RM6! Great food and price indeed.

Now for dessert-loving peeps, Souka Bakeshop offers a diverse lineup of cakes that is sure to satisfy cake lovers. The cakes are tender with lots of different flavours. They also have good scones here. Order up their Banana Fritters if you prefer something local. The sweet banana is wrapped in light crunchy pastry served with vanilla ice cream.

And while we enjoy our makan trip around SS15, we have to include rojak SS15, even it means lining up in a long queue. After a few minutes, the wait was well worth it. The peanut sauce is sweet but with enough ummph. Comes with cucur, timun, tauhu and all the trimmings. Enjoy it with a cold bowl of cendol right next to it.

SS15 also has one of the best fish in chips you can get in Klang Valley, Cor Blimey's fish and chips are pretty spot on. The fish is flakey and fresh, the batter is light and crisp. Enjoy it with a side of minty mushy peas. Fans of fish and chips would be please to know that there are a few fishes to be chose from such as dory, snapper, butterfish and atlantic cod. We also enjoyed their creamy mash tatters.

For dinner, head over to the neighboring hood of SS19 to Fiqs Gastronomy for some casual dining. Fiq's actually stands for food, innovation and quality. They combine locally sourced food and ingredients with cheffy flair. Take for instance their Duck Breast, it is cooked sous-vide to achieve that melt in the mouth texture. Oh and don't let that fancy French style cooking intimidate you, the dish is priced reasonably at RM39.

Hop over across the neighborhood to SS17 and look for Honcho! Pizza Parlor. What exactly you'll be looking for is not a restaurant, but a 5 tonne food truck, pimped out to serve you woodfired oven pizzas. Yes, they manage to load up a fully functional woodfire oven in the truck (how they manage this is beyond me). They are usually parked at Jalan SS17/1A along with other food trucks. The pizza is thin and flavorful, be it their beef pepperoni pizza or the smoke salmon pizza.

We end our food escapade back in SS15 to the oldest burger shop in the neighborhood, it is simply called The Burger Shop. We reviewed them years back when they operated on a truck, selling street burgers with delicious twists. Nowadays, they are in a shop opposite where they used to park and business is booming. The mushroom burger is still one of our favourites and they have maintained the taste. We would't want to end our day in any other way.

So here's our little list for you to sample of the best Subang Jaya has to offer from street food to sit down meals. However things are always moving and changing in Subang Jaya, (Asia Cafe for instance which has been part of the eating out landscape in Subang Jaya for over a decade is closing down next month) so check back from time to time for more Subang Jaya reviews on our site, old and new.