FriedChillies Top 8 Food Trucks in Klang Valley

by Honey Ahmad Photography FriedChillies on Mon, May 16, 2016

Love Food Trucks? We do too. We partnered up some of our favourite trucks with Seasons Tea so you can enjoy your favourite truck meals with some refreshing tea...

Food Trucks + Seasons Tea = Perfect Match

Here are our new picks for Top 8 Food Trucks in KL. This month, we are collaborating with them and Seasons Tea to bring to you great food truck meals with their drink. Find out why they are in our top list so, in no particular order, let's start with some meat!

Cowboys Food Truck
Big advocates for good southern-style barbecue, their Chuck Norris is a meaty trio of brisket, chicken chop and wings. Their brisket is smoked for a good 8 hours making this one of the tastiest, tenderest briskets in town.

Mustafa Jones Burger & BBQ
Hailing all the way from Brooklyn New York, Mustafa Jones offers us smoked and grilled beef patties smothered with their secret homemade barbecue sauce in soft buns. This is a burger with bite and attitude, New York Style. Love it!

Nobers Hot Wings
Bringing up the spice level is Nobers with their perfectly fried wings and homemade hot sauce. You can opt for the sweet and sour but come on! Don’t be a wuss. Also try their hot dogs. Fabulously delicious.

Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit Special
This creation is wicked pedas. Turmeric fried chicken and green beans on hot white rice and a side of sambal that will make you sweat to the roots of your hair.

Hungry Thug Food Truck
Hungry Thug presents you their Beef Cheesy Thug and boy is it cheesy! Pulled beef is stuffed in a bun and then topped with mac and cheese! This put them straight in our list.

Babarittos puts forward their gorgeous creation of crunchy chicken pieces in spicy buttermilk sauce and wrapped in a tortilla. A great creation. Well suited for local tastebuds.

La Famiglia Italian Food Truck
La Famiglia’s Gambino pasta, a spaghetti olio with prawns, squid and mussels is light and fresh. A simple dish that is one of our favourites.

Curbside Cantina
Down the Mexican flavour road is Curbside Cantina, with their ever popular fish tacos. Fish goujons are battered and fried till crispy-tender then wrapped in a tortilla with sharp cheese, salsa and homemade guacamole. It’s tender, crunchy, tangy and rich all in one bite. Owner Noreen insists that everything has to be homemade even the sauces!

So there you have it. The FriedChillies Top 8 Food Trucks! For a limited time only enjoy your favourite food truck dishes with cold Seasons Tea. Make sure you support your favourite food truck as they go through some friendly competition with each other to see who can give out the most Seasons Tea in a day.

Top 8 Food Truck Schedule (20th May - 3rd June)
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Cowboys Food Truck
20th May 2016 : Shell TTDI (Dinner)
Seasons Tea Finished : 7 cartons

La Famiglia
20th May 2016, Shell TTDI (Dinner)
Seasons Tea Finished : 14 cartons

Curbside Cantina
24th May 2016, Bangsar, next to Medan Selera (Dinner)
Seasons Tea Finished : 4 cartons

Nobers' Hot Wings
27th May 2016, Bank Islam Denai Alam (Dinner)
Seasons Tea Finished : 8 cartons

Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit
1st June 2016, Leboh Ampang (Lunch)
Seasons Tea Finished : 20 cartons

1st June 2016, Setapak (Dinner)
Seasons Tea Finished : 14

Hungry Thug
Date/Venue : 2nd June 2016, in front of Mydin Bukit Jelutong (Dinner)
Seasons Tea Finished : 8

Mustafa Jones Burger
3rd June 2016, Giant Permata (Dinner)
Seasons Tea Finished : 8

Who will win the FriedChillies Golden Tyre Award? We shall see..
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Winner for Golden Tyre Award : Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit (20 Cartons)
Winner for Most Supportive Social Fans : La Famiglia