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Gadget Review - Food Processor

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Thu, August 03, 2017

Whether you are cook-during-the-festivities-only kind of person, or you cook every day at home, a food processor is definitely a tool you need in the kitchen. It saves you lots of time and definitely lightens up the workload in the kitchen.

A great investment to save time in the kitchen!

This article aims to answer the question- should I buy a food processor? A blender is a given for most households but a food processor seems like an extra appliance and extra cost.

We at FriedChillies of course love food processors (we cook a lot) but what if you are a casual cook? Would this gadget be worthwhile? So we set to review one to it's fullest so you can make an informed decision.

The food processor we are reviewing today is Philips Viva Collection HR7759 Food Processor. It has a 750w motor which comes with a blender plus 6 other attachments for the food processor – blade chopper, slicing disc, grating disc, French fry cutter, kneader and an emulsifying disc. It is all the basic tools you need to have in your kitchen. All of the components are easily put together and removed, dishwasher safe and designed for easy cleaning.

Nowadays you can get a really good food processor in the RM300-RM350 range. Get at least 600w because you do want the power and allows you to blend more things, finer.

Here are 6 great reasons to get a food processor.

1. It comes with a blender. So it’s 2 appliances for one price.
Dilemma over! You get a blender anyway for all your spice pastes and blending needs. It is also great for whipping up batter or liquidising soups. Just don’t try crushing ice with them.

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2. No more tears over onions
The “S” blade chopper will probably be the most used tool out of all the attachments. It will absolutely save time for all sorts of chopping especially those pesky onions. Great for when you are cooking a lot for gatherings. Use the pulse mode if you want large cut pieces, monitoring the sizes in between pulses. The longer you leave the machine on, the smaller the chopped up ingredients will be. The smallest cut it will go is down to 1 to 2mm sized cuts and it will not liquidize your ingredients. You can make your own bawang goreng!

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3. Making pastry and dough is super easy.
Mixers are lovely but if you want to get into baking, a food processor can be a much better investment for the novice bakers. You can make crumbs from butter and flour in seconds for short crust pastry, or even get fantastic pizza dough by just using the dough kneading blade and pouring in the liquids from the chute and it's less mess too.

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4. Slice and grate in seconds!
The slicing disc and grating disc is a 2 in 1 disk, just flip to the side you want to use. The grater is great for grating cheese (of course!) and also for shredding root vegetables to thin strips. Get a bowl of coleslaw or shredded vegetables done in no time. If you want thinly sliced foods, just flip the disc over to expose the slicer and slice to your heart’s content – potatoes, zucchinis, pumpkin, sausages, carrots, radishes – all will be even slices.

Tip: For best slicing results, only switch on the motor after you load up the shoot while gently pressing down with the fitted measuring cup.

5. Cut up root vegetables with ease
The French fry cutter does not only cut fries, but to does a good job at cutting firm textured vegetables into batons. So if you plan to serve some roasted vegetables, or need a load of firm textured vegetables cut up, this is a great tool to use. It saves you so much time. Seriously try it. We hardly used this in the beginning but now use it all the time to make delicious sweet potato fries.

6. Whip it real good.
Finally, the emulsifying disc which works like a whisk. Whip up some whipped cream, homemade mayonnaise, meringue and salad dressings in no time. Saves you time and elbow grease.

So next time you are considering a kitchen appliance we think that a food processor is an excellent all-purpose tool. Check back to the site from time to time for more great time saving recipes using this cool gadget.