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How to Raya with Spritzer Sparkling

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Mon, June 11, 2018

You've got your Baju Raya ready, Biskut Raya ready, Ketupat, Lemang and Rendang semua ready. How about your drinks? Serve them some bubbly Spritzer Sparkling. Ha.. tak pernah buat kan? Our collaboration with Spritzer this Hari Raya 2018. Read on!

Add a little sparkle to your Hari Raya

Ramadhan has just passed and we have adjusted from the long hours of fasting from dawn to dusk. But before you know it, it's time for Raya open houses again in KL as mad rush of getting back from balik kampong tapers down. We’ve fasted for a month, now its feasting time!

Kena tak rendang with some sparkling water? Jom, let's find out!

If this is your first time hosting Raya for your family, getting organized is key for a smooth event. Planning is essential so you don’t over work yourself over the holidays. Here are some tips to take into consideration for an easier Raya:

1. Plan your menu - over cooking can make a huge dent on your wallet. So decide what you want to cook and stick to it. Work within your budget and don’t be tempted to add extras unless absolutely necessary.

2. Get ahead – cook and freeze whatever you can. Rendang, Kuah Kacang, Gulai can all be made in advance and kept in the freezer till the big day. Plus they taste way better after a few days anyway. For the food that has to be cooked fresh, you can prepare the pastes and freeze them up. Save your time from peeling, chopping and blending.

3. Make something special – for a memorable first time, do something slightly different for your loved ones, like a beverage. Steer away from the norm this year and serve up some Spritzer Sparkling for a little extra excitement.

Raya will not be Raya without Rendang. Tender pieces of meat completely immersed in spices and rich coconut-y sauce, best eaten with Lemang and Ketupat. A bubbly glass of fruity Sparkling Watermelon and Lychee will nicely wash it all down, leaving you feeling invigorated and ready for the next round of food.

Watermelon recipe with Spritzer Sparkling Nak recipe for the Sparkling Watermelon and Lychee Juice drink?

You can use most fruits with Spritzer Sparkling. Apples, Longan and Pineapple to name a few. It is best to use a fruit cordial as a base to give flavour to the beverage. Always to add Spritzer Sparkling at the very end to retain the bubbles. In this case, it needs to be stirred, not shaken.

A beverage that pairs well with Raya cookies is an ice cold jug of Sparkling Peach, Orange and Apple juice. The fruity zing cuts through all that buttery richness from all the cookies you’ll be stuffing your face with.

We have a recipe for the Sparkling Peach, Orange and Apple drink too!

Besides fruit cordials, you can use frozen fruit purees for an alternative option. For an example, Blueberry and Mint Sparkle is definitely a drink to remember. Scoop some frozen blueberry puree into a glass, pour in some sugar syrup, fill it with ice and top it up with ice cold Spritzer Sparkling. And finally tear up some fresh mint leaves and mix it all in. Kids and adults will love it!

For those who are health conscious and want to have minimal intake of sugar, a few slices of acidic fruit like lemon, lime, green apple or calamansi gives it a clean refreshing taste. The bubbles give a wonderful tingly sensation on the tongue and at the back of the throat. It is an invigorating effect to the senses, plus it is a thirst quencher.

Ice cold glass of Spritzer Sparkling with a slice of lemon. This one no need recipe lah kan?

Whatever drinks you’ll be mixing up for your family this Raya, the FriedChillies x Spritzer Sparkling Team would like to wish you a sparkly Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, a bubbly holiday and fantastic open house experiences! Ada Sparkling barulah Raya!