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It’s International Coffee Day!

by Ali Photography FriedChillies on Wed, September 27, 2017

International Coffee Day is right around the corner! We tried some really kickin' coffee from local baristas, and even whipped up a really mean coffee cake to commemorate the day.

Get Your Caffeine Fix!

Do you know that this Saturday 1st of October is International Coffee Day? In conjunction with that we like to take a trip down memory lane and cherish some of the old coffee related articles we had in the past.

For those who are new to coffee or just drinks coffee for leisure, deciding on what to get at a cafe might be a challenge. With all the Italian names for coffee, you might be lost and resorting back to the usual latte or frap, even then you might not know what exactly is in it. Back in the wee days of Friedchillies, our barista gave you the the low down on what to order and how to determine if your coffee is good or not. You can revisit the article via this link.

With that knowledge in hand, then head over to one of the best places to enjoy a cup of joe; Artisan Coffee. Here they use single origin beans which sets them apart from regular commercial coffee joints which use house blend espresso. By roasting their own coffee beans they are able to create a unique flavor profile for their coffees. Check out what are our thoughts on Artisan Roast Coffee by clicking the link below.

Another coffee place that deserves attention is 2 Go Coffee, this food truck is actually set up by a bunch of friends and their deep love for coffee. With that passion they sourced their own coffee beans and machine and voila, 2 Go Coffee is born. We love the cold brews here, especially the Bitter Sweet Coffee which comes in a lovely glass flask. The coffee is mild and the sweetness is subtle, but it sure packs a punch. You can read our review here:

In light of International Coffee Day, we also baked a coffee cake that is sure to knock your socks off. We mellow down the coffee so that everybody can enjoy it., you can get the recipe right here.

There you have it, some of our favorite coffee joints and a coffee cake recipe. A perfect way to get together with your coffee buddies to celebrate coffee day.