Kitchen Cheats: 5 Tips For The Best Burgers Ever

by Edwan S. Photography FriedChillies on Thu, September 04, 2014

Craving a good burger? Here's how you can achieve burger nirvana without going out.We're telling you, best burgers can be made in the comfort of your home kitchen.

Burger nirvana within your hands

It doesn’t matter what kind of burger you like to eat. If you love burgers and just maybe haven’t quite been able to get it right at home, you owe it to yourself to read this. Get ready for the best burgers you will ever eat anywhere.

Fat Is Good
Some recipes call for lean meat for burgers. Some recipes are wrong. You want juicy burgers? Then you NEED fat in a burger. That’s where all the flavour comes from. Our tip? Choose a fatty cut like chuck or brisket for beef. For chicken, mix breast meat with thigh meat. Your tastebuds will thank you.

It’s In The Mixing, Too
Some people prefer dense, hefty patties while others like loose, crumbly ones. You decide: for dense patties, add in the salt at the beginning of the mixing and knead the minced meat. For loose patties, just sort of loosely collect the meat into a patty shape. Season before cooking.

Seasoning is a must for flavourful patties

Get That Pan Ripping Hot
Great burgers have a burnished, almost crispy crust. So heat your grill or pan until a little bit of smoke comes out and you can’t hold your hand above it for more than 15 seconds. THAT’S when you put your burger down. Skip this and you’ll end up with stodgy burgers, which is just wrong.

Once that patty is in, try this neat trick: flip the burger every 15 – 30 seconds. This ensures both sides of the patty get equal heating time. The result is a more evenly cooked burger without an annoying layer of overcooked meat.

Can't wait to get that into a bun!

Give It A Rest
As delicious as the burgers will look like, do resist the urge to bite in straight away. Burgers benefit from a short resting period after cooking. The resting allows the juices to redistribute in the patty, making for a juicier and more flavourful burger. About 3 – 5 minutes is all you need. You can wait that long, right?