Top 8 Eats at Langkawi Airport

by Arslan Z. Photography FriedChillies on Sat, June 01, 2019

Whether it’s the school holidays, long weekends or just a short getaway, getting something to eat has always been a problem whenever you travel. That is why we have come up with this Top 8 Eats in Langkawi International Airport.

Discover Tasty Food at the Airport!

Langkawi International Airport has been revamped! Whether it’s the school holidays, long weekends or just a short getaway, getting something to eat has always been a problem whenever you travel. That is why we have come up with this Top 8 Eats at Langkawi International Airport. It’s some of the food places we discovered that is filled with mouthwatering dishes that you have to try once you’re there.

It’s a small airport, so regardless if you’re flying in, waiting for your next flight or just sending someone off, we are surprised that there’s a good variety of food spots to check out. Here is our list!

1. Costa Coffee Cafe
Level 1, L1 L36 (Public)
Level 1, L1 A37 (Departure Hall)

If you’re a coffee addict, you might have heard of Costa Coffee. This famous coffee chain has opened up their first full store experience cafe in Malaysia, right here at Langkawi International Airport! Now, they have a wide selection of sandwiches, all hand made fresh daily.... and fresh coffee that is brewed by a Barista!

Absolutely love the Chicken Ciabatta, it’s loaded with chicken breast strips and full of fresh and bright vegetables! Perfect with their signature latte that’s brewed by their professionally trained barista. Also recommended, the veggie Toastie, filled with cheese and delicious greens. Prices are between RM10 - RM20

2. Hainan Taste @ Food Garden
Food Garden, Level 1 (Public)

If all you need is just simple Chinese food, Hainan Taste serves up a few selections of authentic chicken rice we’d love to recommend. .One of their top sellers is the BBQ Chicken Rice; cooked in their special soy marinade and served with fluffy chicken rice, which surprisingly we like! You can even have a delicious Nasi Goreng with Roast Chicken instead of the normal chicken rice, it is definitely a must try. Yeah! Prices per dish betwen RM10 - RM25

3. Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Level 1, L1 L32 (Public)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a modern Kopitiam where one can sample old school classics like the fluffy and creamy Steam Kaya Butter Set with a cup of super kaw Kopi-O. Recommended! This establishment is the first in Langkawi as well. If you’re looking for something hardier, order up the Nasi Lemak Ayam Special that comes with crispy fried chicken. Prices between RM5 - RM15 per dish.

4. Suria Nasi Campur
Food Garden, Level 1 (Public)

Hungry for some appetizing local delights? The Mee Goreng Jawa at Suria Nasi Campur is the crowd favourite! Yellow noodle fried together with juicy chicken strips, green and egg for a more richer texture and extra umami flavour.

Have something more filling and get the wide selection of lauk for your Nasi Campur. The lauk changes daily but keep a lookout for savoury Ayam Berlado, spicy Sambal Terung and even Tempeh Goreng!

5. MarryBrown @ Food Garden
Food Garden, Level 1 (Public)

Malaysia’s very own fried chicken quick-service chain! Over the years they have been famous for a few classics like the crunchy and juicy fried chicken. Marinated and breaded in MarryBrown’s secret recipe. You haven’t eaten at MarryBrown if you didn’t order the signature Nasi MarryBrown, comes with sweet and spicy sambal and fried chicken, this is a must try! Prices between RM10 - RM20.

6. Plaza Premium Lounge
Level 1 (Public)

Checking out early from your hotel and looking for a place to lounge and have a good meal before your flight? Roll up to Plaza Premium Lounge and enjoy the comfortable seating area and flavoursome English Breakfast. Choose how they cook your eggs and each plate comes with two juicy sausages, tasty baked beans, grilled tomatoes and even sauteed mushrooms.

If you want something more local, you must try the Nasi Lemak with tender beef rendang and you can even get a proper chicken satay here and it’s healthier too as they use less fatty parts but still so flavourful. Prices between RM15 - RM50 per dish.

7. Nooodles Extra
Mezzanine Level, LA1 (Public)

Nooodles are known for having numerous outlets across Malaysian airports. With tons of selection of noodle dishes to choose from! Our favourite is the Penang Curry Mee. The hardy curry broth is filled with chicken bits, scrumptious tofu and HUGE PRAWNS!

We also recommend the light Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup, the beef broth aromatic and peppery! They even make a mouthwatering Nasi Goreng Ayam.

8. Ocean Bar
Level 1, L1 L07 (Public)

If you’re looking for a place that cooks up delicious western and Asian dishes then Ocean Bar is the place to go. Come by for lunch and get your spoon and fork on the savoury Nasi Goreng Kampung with juicy bits of chicken, crunchy ikan bilis and topped it off with a luscious and gooey sunny side up egg....

English Breakfast at Ocean Bar
...Or come for breakfast and gorge on the English Breakfast! Every order comes with two juicy chicken sausages, two strips of crispy beef bacon, crisp and fluffy hash brown, grilled tomatoes, two pieces of toast and you can even choose how they cook your eggs. Prices between RM15 - RM30 per dish.

That's our favourite 8! Enjoy the new tastes at Langkawi International Airport! Now you don’t need to go elsewhere for breakfast, lunch or dinner after checking out of your hotel. Just head for the airport.