Food Fight!

Battle EggsTreme

by Alexa P. Photography Riz Ainuddin on Fri, April 01, 2011

Nowadays there's quite a number of choices on the shelves for eggs. Selenium, omega, pasteurized- is there a real difference? How do they stand up with various cooking methods? We decided to give it a go and see which one goes that eggstra mile...

Which egg reigns supreme?

Curiosity it seems made us eat eggs for a fortnight. We wanted to check out different claims on supermarket eggs, more omega 3, antibiotic free, pasteurised, etc and how it compared to each other in taste. Hence this: Battle Egg! Problem is they come in cartons of 6 or 10 hence had to pretty much come up with all kinds of egg dishes see our Magnificent 7 eggs to finish up our stock.

Taste Tester #1: Me, Recent Egg Convert
Qualifications: I never really liked eggs, and I liked yolks even less. I used to only have them scrambled or if hardboiled, I would pick away at the whites and leave the yolks behind. I don’t quite know what changed in the last year but I am now an egg addict, give me yolks! The runnier the better. Mmmmm…

Taste Tester # 2: Saiful, The Chef
Qualifications: Since I spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen it would be good to see if there is a difference cooking with three types of egg. Do they have different performances when various techniques are applied to them?

Taste Tester # 3: Ebee, Yolk Addict
Qualifications: I am a yolk-aholic. I only really love fried eggs just so I can break into the yolk and enjoy the runny liquid. I don’t like egg whites.

Introducing the test subjects:


Nutriplus Omega 3 – This egg has added omega 3 in it.
Seri Murni– A regular B grade egg that is antibiotic free.
Safegg DHA – Pasteurised eggs that are safe to consume raw as bacteria has been eliminated.

The 4 Tests:

Fried Sunnyside Up



These were boiled for 4minutes just to cook the whites and then we ran them under cold water to keep from overcooking. We wanted the yolks to be a bit runny to get the full flavour.



The Mayo Test
We beat egg yolks with olive oil to come up with a homemade mayo.



Egg whites were beaten till stiff to see how they hold up as a meringue.

The Verdict:

Recent Egg Convert

Lets just start by saying that if I had these eggs on separate occasions and not pegged up against each other I might not have noticed the differences. However in testing them this way the differences were glaring. Just the differences in the shell says it all, the Safegg has a shiny smooth shell that almost smells perfumey like it's been cleaned. When fried I noticed that the Safegg has texture but not a lot of taste, Seri Murni’s yolk has a strong sulfuric taste to it, and the Nutriplus has a creamy mouth feel to it. When making the mayo the Safegg produces a more watery base that doesn’t hold very well, it had an eggy taste to it too. The Seri Murni mayo is very light in flavour whereas the Nutriplus has richness with more body and flavour. The hardboiled test yielded the same results as the fried test. For the meringue test the Safegg completely failed, it couldn’t even froth or rise up into a meringue, the other two performed well, with the Nutriplus giving us a denser fluff.

The Chef

With the test results I have found that Seri Murni is a good cheap egg that is easy for everyday use as it is not too rich. The Nutriplus is extremely creamy and perfect for making mayo. It also has a deeper color that is very appealing. The Safegg has an interesting texture with the egg white not looking as clear as the other eggs. It is sharp and clean in taste but probably best enjoyed raw rather than cooked. Overall if I’m eating the egg on its own I would pick the Nutriplus, but if I’m using it to bake I would use the Seri Murni.

Yolk Addict

I am not a fan of egg whites so even doing this test I tried to avoid the whites as much as possible. My favourite of the yolks was the Nutriplus because it is very creamy and rich. The Safegg does not have much flavour or texture, which makes it a very boring egg maybe that’s why it is ‘safe’. The Seri Murni has the taste and feel of a regular egg, and that is not a bad thing either. It is not flashy or making any claims, it is what it is.

Winner: Nutriplus won hands down in every single category. I guess a little omega 3 does go a long way!