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Pasar Ramadan Paya Jaras 2012

by Adly Photography FriedChillies on Fri, August 03, 2012

This bazaar at Paya Jaras offers a lot of unique dishes. Our favourites include otak otak telur ikan and gulai kulit lembu. This weekend instead of going to your usual spots, be more adventurous and check out this lovely pasar ramadan.

Offering different choices for iftar...

Paya Jaras is about 15 minutes from Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Some of you may have heard great things about the ramadan market there and wondered whether it's worth the drive. Well, that depends. Located near the Dewan MBSA Paya Jaras, it's the Saturday pasar malam/bazaar ramadan market that you will want to go for as the market will have so much more food varieties compared to the weekday bazaars.

Delicious Otak Otak made from fish eggs.

Top of my list in this market is the otak-otak telur ikan which is made out of tenggiri fish eggs. At RM2.50, this is definitely a steal as each otak-otak is individually wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over charcoal. The otak otak is made up of pure fish eggs, with some spices to give it a nice taste. Delicious with some nasi lemak. Don't be fooled by the size. One per person is actually more than enough.

A close up of cow skin gulai which was surprisingly tasty.

It's easy to locate this stall as he also sells ikan bakar and gulai kulit lembu cili padi. I suspect that this is a Javanesh dish (I may be wrong), it has a whitish gulai color but the kulit lembu is surprisingly soft with a more perut texture than leather. It's RM6.50 a dish.

The pecal stall also sells various kinds of traditional kuihs.

Pecal kampung is a rare find in KL and this little stall has it all. What's different about this pecal stall is that the ingredients here have a truly fresh 'kampung' taste. They grow their own beansprouts and perhaps also harvest their own kangkung as it has a soft fleshy taste instead of the crunchy crunch that you don't want in a pecal. The addition of nasi impit tones down the wonderful taste of the kampung peanut sauce gravy.

Fat and juicy Murtabaks on the grill pan.

At RM3.00, people are queuing up for Murtabak Utara. It is reported that the queue here can sometimes be longer than a football ticketing booth and I can see why. Utara makes their murtabaks big, fat, plumpy and juicy. Owner Yusri started this business somewhere North (Utara) 17 years ago and never looked back. A slightly different technique here. The filling is grilled on the flat pan first, then wrapped with the dough and grilled again. Nice.

Can you smell this Ikan Pekasam?

Other great stuff that you can find here are Ikan Pekasam and Putu Perak. Putu Perak shares similar cooking techniques with their cousins putu bambu and piring but Perak is not covered with a muslin cloth, instead coconut shells are used. There's also a kelantanese stall here that sells the typical ayam percik, nasi kerabu and delicious kuih akok. The difference is that this stall is so popular that they would probably benefit from hiring a crowd control personnel.

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