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Pasar Ramadan Sg. Penchala 2012

by Farah Photography FriedChillies on Fri, July 27, 2012

It's so much easier to navigate your way around a small bazaar. Sg. Penchala offers plenty of choices for iftar but it's small enough that you won't overspend buying goodies for your 'buka puasa' meal.

Tons of kuih stalls...

Time seems to move quicker than Usain Bolt these days. In a blink of an eye, a week of fasting have passed. As always, during Ramadan, we would check out what's on offer at the bazaars peppered across the Klang Valley. Although there's plenty of pasar ramadans to choose from, Sg. Penchala has always been one of our favourites because of its uncomplicated layout and variety of choices.

Murtabaks being prepared at 'Murtabak Beratur'

As you approach this bazaar, you will see a queue of people at the 'Murtabak Beratur' stall. The name explains it all. You could only find this stall during Ramadan because the couple who runs it only opens during the fasting month. The murtabaks here are more rounded in shape because the 'pakcik' who makes flatten out the 'canai' dough on the counter instead of flipping it in the air. Then he adds the filling, folds it and flattens it again, keeping the shape round instead of square. The outer layer of the murtabak is thick and has a nice charred quality while the eggy, meaty filling stays moist and yummy on the inside. Each murtabak comes with a very syrupy onion relish and some curry. Though the relish is a bit sweet, the murtabaks ( you can opt for beef or chicken ) are pretty decent.

They put cheese in the filling

If you're willing to try a more unconventional murtabak, go to the Murtabak Special Cheese stall where a slice of cheese is added into the filling to give it some extra flavour. Rich with a hint of saltiness, the murtabaks here are pretty satisfying that one is enough for your buka puasa meal.

We also love the selection of kuihs at this bazaar. There's so many to choose from. One of our picks is the kuih stall opposite the Murtabak Cheese stall. We love their karipap sardin. These round karipaps have a golden crust and a tasty onion-rich sambal sardin filling. The kuih sago here are also good - sticky and gooey. You can even get 'serabai', a popular Penang kuih.

Some of the kuihs sold at Lot 196

Another kuih stall worth checking out is at Lot 196. They serve kuih apam that are so light and fluffy, they're like mouth-watering soft pillows of sweetness. Sprinkled with a generous amount of shredded coconut, these apams are a delightful treat for iftar. They also sell tepung pelita and doughnuts here.

And of course, even the Ramadan bazaars can't escape the burger bakar phenomenon.

Thinking of a burger for iftar? Check out Backyard Grill

Backyard Grill Burger sells homemade lamb and beef burgers. Although their patties aren't as thick as some of their counterparts but with plenty of seasonings and grilled perfectly, the burgers here are an ideal choice if you have a meat craving during iftar.

Deliciously sweet chicken wings

Another popular item at this bazaar is the Sabah chicken wings. Rows of crimson coloured chicken wings are barbecued over a charcoal fire filling the bazaar with their enticing smell. Marinated in honey and spices, these barbecued wings are sweet and smokey. Lovely eaten on its own but if you like it spicy, enjoy with the soy-garlic sauce that comes with it.

An assortment of freshly blended juices

To quench your thirst after a day of fasting, instead of choosing a drink sweetened with syrup, why not go for a healthier option? With no artificial sweetener, these fruit juices are refreshing and tasty. We love the mango and dragon fruit juice.
You can also sate your thirst with 'kelapa laut' juice here - it has a dark caramel sweetness that is almost treacle-like in flavour.

Sg Penchala may not be a big pasar ramadan but it has a selection of stalls that will make you want to come here again. We love that it's just the right size, small enough that you're not overwhelmed with choices but big enough that you do have a variety of things to choose from. Parking can be a hassle so come early to avoid the stress of looking for parking.


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