Pasar Tani Taman Melawati

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Fri, January 12, 2018

Pasar Tani is one of best spots to shop for fresh local produce. Dotted all over the city, every neighbourhood will have its own market spot operating on various days of the week. This week we explored Pasar Tani Taman Melawati and it didn’t disappoint.

Pasar Melawati: Martha Stewart shopped here!

If you are living in the vicinity of postcode 53100 in Ulu Klang, then you definitely should know about the Saturday morning market located on Lorong Serawak, which is opposite the brand new Melawati Mall. Operation hours is from 7am to 11am. But by 9.30, most of the good stuff are sold out.

This weekend market has been setting up stalls for decades. The first thing that greets you at the main entry point is seafood. A row of fish vendors busily attending to their customers who are always haggling for a cheaper price.

There is a good selection of seafood available even though it is off season. But the bargain that caught our attention was a plate of fresh prawns for only RM10. Couldn’t say no to that! Of course, come early for the best picks.

There are also other seafood at a stall next to itl

There are only 2 vendors selling fresh meat and they sell out really fast. Early shoppers get dibs on the best cuts. If you are unsure which cuts are best for what type of cooking, just ask the vendor and they will gladly advise you. There is a guy that sells organic chicken and he sells out fast. Proudly he sits there with the ‘SOLD OUT’ sign, telling everybody that stops by that his ayam dah habis lah!

Veggies! Lots and lots of veggies! Every row will have vegetable vendors with beautiful piles of vibrantly coloured locally grown produce. No idea what to cook for dinner? Just look at the selection and you will get food inspiration.

You can fill up your empty pantry easily with a variety of ingredients. Budu, belacan, curry powders, salted fish, anchovies, dried fruits, potatoes, onions, cincalok.. You name it, they have it.

There are plenty of fresh fruits sold at this pasar, as well as dried ones too. And if you feel like flexing your green fingers, you can purchase a small variety of potted herbs and plants and grow them in your home.

Feeling a little peckish after all that walking? Just ta-pau some food home. Nasi kunyit with rendang, roti Arab with dhal, steamed buns and also a good selection of kuih you can munch on the spot.

So after going this market, here are my top picks.

Lisa's Melawati Market Roundup

1. Organic Chicken (can make a delicious Soto)
2. RM10 Prawns (Sambal Udang Petai!)
3. Amazing selection of chilled and ready made kuah for your lazy cooking days (Try out this Egg Briyani with the ready made spices)

There is a night market on the exact same spot on Thurdays with different vendors but with a bigger selection of everything. We'll review that one soon!