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Food Bloggers Top 10 Picks : Romantic Restaurants

by Adly Photography FriedChillies on Tue, February 14, 2012

Romancing your partner can be a tricky deal so to help you along with that, we've asked our blogger friends to share with us their picks for the best romantic restaurants around Malaysia. Take a look and bring your beau to one of these places.

Bloggers showing their romantic side.....

I know my usual hangouts to take the missus for a lovely night out, but in an interesting conversation with a couple of friends recently, I was intrigued to find out where some of our most loved food bloggers go to get some spice for a little romance. A couple of phone calls and emails later, here is a list of interesting places other people go to, arranged in alphabetical order of the blog site name. Photos are courtesy of the respective blog owners. Gimme some sugar people, and lets spread the love around. Thanks people! You guys are great!

1.A Lil' Fat Monkey


Jon posts a comical food and travel blog. I don't know where he gets the time but his posts are full of lovely food pictures complete with comic balloons. Beautiful! He totally recommends Mews Cafe in Muntri Mews, Penang for a romantic weekend getaway to rediscover old Penang.

But he says that if you're up for something more quirky as an entry, check out Sanuki Udon in Taman Desa. "While the place is the last place to be called romantic, their food is lustful." Kenny Mah and him collaborated on the sexy post and dedicated it to Meena, which according to Jon 'is the object of their affection obviously'. So Bald Eagle, you reading this? Look's like you got competition yo!

2. A Whiff of Lemongrass


Her top pick is Cilantro because of the plush seats, great service and food. Sage is also her choice due to the inobstrustive service. Frangipani just came up the list recently and she also offered Il Lido and Prime as good places. For Senses, her recommendation is to take a table by the window. But she wants to put it on record that it's the person that counts, not just the place.

3. Babe in the City


Babeinthecity is a self professed foodie and would rather go for delicious food than 'romantic stuff' but do give her list a chance. Try out Do I Eat Today (DIET) Cafe for a reasonably priced meal, Sage for the fabulous food, The Upper Deck at Tanzini @ GTower for a fantastic view and check out the well known Neroteca @ The Sommerset. Neroteca is a popular choice so book early to avoid disappointment. But as a foodie, she doesn't mind spending some romantic time at Gu Yue Tien or even La Risata.

4. Bangsar Babe


Sue Lynn recommends Prime and Leonardo's for quiet dinner dates and good food. She once modeled in our Love Your Street Food Pagoda T-Shirt that attracted more attention for LYSF than free candy in a kindy. All for the good cause of preserving the street food heritage in Malaysia. Thanks dear!

5. Big Boys Oven


Sidney finds his romance at Kin No Mizu, an (almost) new Japanese restaurant in Intermark. According to him, 'Every dish was perfectly crafted' which charmed him to recommend this place to us. Other spots he likes include The Club @ Saujana and Garibaldi's.

6. Cumi dan Ciki


The dynamic duo behind this fabulous 'Lonely Planet recommended site' is known as Cumi dan Ciki. Duck is the way to Umei's heart (and tummy) so the excellent duck confit and foie gras in Samplings on the Fourteenth at Berjaya puts this restaurant as number one in her list of romantic places.

7. Motormouth from Ipoh


I met James only occasionally but he was so nice to share his favourite romantic spot in the whole of Malaysia with us (thank you, dude). His delicous food posts on Ipoh food and cuisine keeps reminding the world that Ipoh also has FANTABULOUS FOOD to offer and not just Penang and Melaka. Indulgence is his top pick for some love in Ipoh.

8. Kampung Boy City Gal


This lovely food and travel site is run by Kampung Boy and City Gal since 2005 (if I am not mistaken). Their love for food and travel has brought them many great food adventures and great memories. For romance their top picks are Samplings on the Fourteenth and also the new Ril's Steakhouse at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee.

9. Masak Masak


If it's not on masak-masak, it's not worth knowing. A website that started out of love for good street food (and cats), Khang Yi's food post never fails to keep the local food scene abuzz with great makan spots. For a romantic dinner option, Frangipani is her top choice.

10. What 2 See Online


CK loves food. Her posts range from hawker food to restaurants, and she keeps the world hungry with her food blog writing about the must-go-wheres in Penang. For a bit of romance away from the hustle and bustle of this island, she recommends Ferringhi Garden.


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