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Seduce Women with Chocolates - Part 2

by Honey Ahmad Photography Riz Ainuddin on Thu, November 13, 2008

Ready for more chocolate seduction? We want chocolate to be a permenant arsenal in your weapons of mass attraction. Read on for some ideas and more involving wicked, wicked chocolates

Use chocolate to heighten anticipation of a sexy night

Now you’ve tried our chocolate cake and perhaps got her to eat it and then some. Or perhaps you need a bit more encouragement and tips. At the Foodsters’ HQ we’ve been busy experimenting with a few things. Check out below for 5 simple ways to use chocolates as a means to seduce.

1/ The Chocolate Tongue. So simple and effective. Put a half melted milk chocolate on your tongue and French her. The fragrance of chocolate on your breath might just drive her wild.

2/ Give her a Chocolate Massage. There are plenty of body creams and oils that are scented with cocoa. If you’re not nimble with the fingers, just a shoulder massage would do. This is where most of our tensions are located. Start with rubbing the back of her neck, then her shoulder blades. After her stress melts like chocolate ice cream on a hot day and the scent of chocolate is near driving her into a frenzy you have two options- carry her to the shower for some naughty scrubbing or lick it all off her.

3/ Leave a chocolate trail. The most memorable scene in the English patient would have to be when the protagonist follows a trail of candles to the tub full of her Sikh hunka burning love. Leave a trail of individually wrapped chocolates at the door, then up the stairs where you await her unrobed with chocolate pudding. Take it from there.

4/ Chocolate Cuddles. It’s a hard day at the office. She slumps on the couch. Rub her feet, let her rest in the crock of your arm and watch a movie (preferably something involving chocolate). Then brew her a lovely cup of hot chocolate. (see recipe below) I recommend how the Aztecs did it with a hint of chilli as spicy things help the brain relax. When she’s all coddled and feeling loved you have a better chance for mid-week sex. Hot chocolate can act as a subtle aphrodisiac. Both Montezuma and Casanova drank hot chocolate to rev up their love machines

5/ Get Chocolate courage. There are some lovely liquor chocolates. Enough of those tasty suckers and you can forget the wine…

Or if your girl is an arty chick, here’s a novel idea. Make a black and white horror film with her as the star. Use chocolate sauce as blood. Afterall, Hitchcock did it in Psycho- used chocolate sauce for blood in the shower scene, not seduce Janet Leigh- although we can’t be too sure about that.

Men like chocolates too. When I talked to a friend about this article she laughed, “and men too! Been there done that.” Interesting… when probed she said she managed to fine the most delicious brownies on the planet and sent it to his office with a note. “If you think these brownies are good…” He called her immediately. Give the person you want to seduce delicious anticipation by using chocolate to herald an on-coming night of passion.

Spicy Hot Chocolate
Simmer 1 and half cups of milk with half a vanilla bean (you can use essence), a cinnamon stick and a deseeded red chilli. When heated for about a minute grate 1 and a half ounce of bittersweet chocolate and whisk it until melted. Let it steep for 10 minutes, strain out spices and serve.

“Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time”. Author Unknown