Special Feature

Shellout @ Home

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Fri, August 04, 2017

Shellouts are a feast for the eyes and fills the tummy. There are many good Shellout joints in the city, offering a variety of flavours to suit your taste buds. But it's dead easy to DIY it at home too, plus you get to pick the freshest seafood...

Seafood bonanza at home!

I do enjoy a seafood binge once in a while. Hair tied up in a knot, sleeves rolled, trousers unbuttoned and napkins ready on the side – I love getting my hands dirty peeling prawns, dipping crispy bits in tasty dips and cracking crab shells straight on the table. A satisfying mess!

I’ve have had many Shellout experiences, some good and some dismal. It really bugs me when the seafood selection is not fresh. So I decided why don’t I invite my seafood-mad friends over for a Shellout at home instead. We got to choose the freshest catch at the market and cook it any style or flavours we like! Try this next time you have people over and spread out waxed paper just like the shops. Less washing up. So. Much. WIN.

Pari with Limey Sambal

At the markets I managed to get my hands on some fresh Skate Wings. It is easy to eat, succulent and tastes amazing when grilled. Ikan Bakar is one of our favourite fish dishes so we decided on this Pari with Limey Sambal recipe. I served it with some hot rice and we all used it to mop up the tangy sambal sauce.

Curried Stir Fry Prawns

Lucky for us we managed to get our hands on some good sized prawns. How to tell if prawns are fresh? Look out for hard or firm shells with the heads still attached. So choose every piece carefully! We stir-fried the prawns in a dry spicy curry flavour. Simple and tasty!

Crispy Calamari

Crispy Calamari is a must for every Shellout I reckon. Gotta have something deep fried with a dip. The crispy coating just adds an extra fun texture to the meal. We bought large sized squid so it is quicker to prep it for cooking. You don’t wanna spend loads of time cleaning tiny tubes of squid.

Ginger & Coconut Crabs

Some say the best time to buy crabs is when there's a full moon. Fact or fisherman’s tale? I don’t know. Just look out for good large sized crabs with some weight on it. At least that’s how I know the crabs will be filled with succulent flesh. We cook the crabs in a coconut & ginger sauce and it was a pleasant change from the usual flavours we always order.

I wished there was a picture of the ‘aftermath’. A big pile of shells and finger drag marks on the table; evidence of us finger-mopping all the juices and sauces off the table. To be honest, we were so stuffed, the last thing on our minds was to take a picture with our dirty fingers.

This Shellout @ Home was definitely a yay! Good evening spent with friends cooking and eating together, all for the price of just under RM100 for 4 adults!