Shopping Basket: 5 meals for RM100

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Sun, February 12, 2017

We bring you a guide to cooking 5 tasty meals for RM100 complete with a shopping list. With a little bit of planning you can save money and eat better at home!

Let's get cooking!

Most of us are guilty of impulse purchasing and wasting food. The supermarket discounts sometime are just too good to pass on and often we do not finish the food we purchase. Off to the bin it goes! Malaysians waste an obscene 15,000 tonnes of food daily – let that sink in for a while. Planning your budget for monthly food expenses is a smart way to ensure you don’t over spend and over purchase, and most important of all, no food wastage.

Here is a handy weekday recipe guide for you to cook and all of it will be under RM100. Yes it is possible! Make it a habit to look at price tags and find the ingredient which suits your taste buds most. Befriend your local fish monger and butcher, chances are that they will give you the occasional discount and you get the best pick for the day. Once you remember little details like 1kg of local beef fillet is RM38, you will naturally plan your menu and you are on the way for smart shopping and smart planning.

Total expenditure: RM97.31

Groceries were purchased from a hypermarket and some local markets. Pantry staples like oil, rice, soy sauces, onions, garlic, chicken stock cube, oyster sauce, salt and pepper is not included in this shopping list.

Monday It's the start of the week and you want something simple but filling you can quickly throw in the oven. A one tray feeds all meal is just what you need. Try out this satisfying Chicken Tray Bake with minimal washing up.

Tuesday Something quick an easy is just the ticket for a busy Tuesday. We love a bit of childhood throwback with a Ikan Kembung Masak Kicap. It's cheap and comforting served up with rice, some greens and sambal belacan.

Wednesday Perk up a mid-week slump with this pick-me-up dish. This Squid Fettuccine is a guarantee crowd pleaser and takes no time to make. It's fresh and light with enough room after for some ice cream perhaps?

Thursday A nifty trick is to marinate chicken the night before and then you're good for a nice flavourful meal at night. This Roasted Chicken Curry uses less oil and you can pop it in the oven and go for an evening run or have time play with your kids before dinner.

Friday The weekend is around the corner and after battling Friday jams it's time to put your feet up. What you need is a quick stir-fry that you can make in no time. You can even toss in bits of vegetables left over from other meals. Check out our Stir-fried Beef with Red Peppers