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Market Review: WMart

by Lisa K. Photography FriedChillies on Fri, February 09, 2018

Shopping for imported chilled or frozen meat at supermarkets can really burn a big black hole in your wallet. But Wmart sells it slightly cheaper and they have other little bits and bobs that makes you go – Oh! I want that!

Great meat selection & reasonably priced!

Where do I even begin? Let’s start off with - I absolutely love this shop! From the outside it doesn’t look like much. I guess they didn’t spend much on some "fancy supermarket display designer team" to arrange the food so seductively that makes you purchase impulsively. But they have a great selection of meat that will make you crave for steak and BBQ. For a carnivore like me, it’s WIN!

Just look at all the hunks of meat! They have chilled and aged- simply take your pick and they can slice and prepare it any way you like

WMart a.k.a Unifrozen is a supplier of fresh and frozen imported foods. They are also skilled butchers so meat is their forte. But firstly when you walk in, the thing that greets you is the lush aroma of freshly baked bread and brewed coffee. They have a little café selling home made fresh loaves of bread, blueberry cheese tarts & other flavours and pastries like pain au chocolat and criossants.

Freshly baked on site everyday

On weekdays from 11am to 6pm, you can get a free blueberry cheese tart with the purchase of a coffee. The tart is pretty good, the coffee is really good. Better than most coffee chain companies if I may add. But do be patient with the coffee making dude. He is slow, but he makes a really good cup of coffee. My lattes are always spot on.

Weekend crowd waiting for fresh bread, pastries and coffee

Once you had your coffee fix, time to shop. You will notice large tanks in the shop and they are filled with fresh seafood mainly oysters. Just choose the size and decide if you want them to be shucked now or shucked later. Once in a while they do promotions and you can get an oyster as cheap as RM2.99 per piece! This time around they had some live lobsters with a cheeky price tag of only RM1.60 per 100g.

Fresh fresh fresh!!!

Meat..oh glorious meat! This section is my favourite. I cook steaks at home from time to time and I get my supply from here. Chilled Angus steaks, grain fed or corn fed, dry aged, Wagyu, Blackmore – they have it! Those can be pricey so I usually get the pre-cut frozen sirloin for around RM60 per tray which is usually 4 nice slices. But from time to time, I would buy a kilo chunk of chilled sirloin for Sunday roast and it will cost less than RM150. So worth it!

Their lamb selection is also great

The butchers do a really good job and if you are unsure of which cut is best for which type of cooking, just ask the lady behind the counter. She knows her stuff and will gladly explain to you which cut is best. And all meat is Halal.

There are a great selection of frozen meat as well. Beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and goat to name a few. The turnover is quite high. Sometimes the shelves are slightly empty so if you have something specific in mind, give them a call (number at the end of article). Frozen meat are always cheaper than chilled meat. If you want your bone-in frozen meat cut up, no problem! For a small fee, they will cut to your specification and pack it up nicely for you.

Need some fresh fruits and vegetables? They have it. This time they had some frozen berries and it is cheap! I couldn’t help myself. I got a packet of mixed berries for under RM20. What a bargain! I plan to make a berry pie one of these weekends. Let’s see how that turns out.

The dry goods are mostly daily items and price is somewhat the same. But from time to time they have special feature items you need to look out for. Olive oils, vinegars, sea salts, dry pastas and spices were the unique items this month.

To know what feature items they currently have, check out their Facebook page for more information. They have had frozen sea urchin, sashimi grade salmon & Alaskan snow crab to name a few. Yes these items are pricey. But it is definitely pricier in restaurants.

So here are my Top 3 Picks from Unifrozen
1. Lamb Shoulder, you can get it bone in or boneless (frozen ones go from RM80, yeah!)
2. Sirloin Steaks (pre-cut frozen is for RM60 for 4 thick slices- good value!)
3. Walnut Bread RM6 (come in the mornings and these are fresh out of the oven- so good with a slather of good butter)

If you plan to have a roast, a BBQ or a party, this is, to me, one of the best places to shop for your meat and seafood. Look around and you can find a good deal on the shelves. My next round of shopping at WMart will be for homemade pastrami, some fresh salmon fillets, lamb racks and another cup of that good latte. You'd be surprised how much cheaper the lamb racks are. But of course it is untrimmed.

Opening times: 8am to 7pm.
Address: Jalan 2, off Jalan Chan Sow Lin.
Phone number: 03- 9222 3853.
Parking is a bit of a nightmare on weekdays but there are parking lots within their compound. Across the road from them is an excellent nasi lemak spot too if you come in the mornings. Bonus!