The 7 Most Delicious Things At MyBalloonFiesta 2015

by Foodster X Photography FriedChillies on Fri, March 13, 2015

The FriedChillies team bravely tried lots of food and picks their favourite bites from the 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta...

Choices, choices, choices. All good!

The 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is on-going folks. We were there on the first day to check out the fun and of course, food. The Purple Zone is where to go to fill your hungry teams. Check out the map here. But just to get you started, we sacrificed ourselves to highlight the good stuff. We know, we know, it's a tough job. But hey, if we don't do it, who will? So here are some must-tries when you head over to Putrajaya this weekend!

Food Trucks. Lots of Food Trucks.

There'll be around 30 great food trucks parked there this weekend serving all manners of delicious food. From humble street fare like burgers and 'goreng-goreng' all the way up to gourmet tacos and pasta. The event is also the debut of some brand new food trucks from the likes of Mustafa Jones (pictured above), Thyme Out, Babarittos and also crowd favourites from KFC and A&W. At the truck section, there'll be something for everyone to try.

Wok-It! Your Friendly Neighbourhood Goreng-Goreng

The guys at Wok It! have the potential to be huge! This is their first food event and already they're starting out strong. The concept is simple. They use a four step ordering process: pick a carb (rice or noodles), pick a protein (beef, chicken, prawns or squid), pick a vegetable (mushrooms etc) and pick a sauce. At #MyBalloonFest they have Spicy Peanut Sauce or a Chinese Style Stir Stry. They then fry it up for you in a blazing hot wok and serve the prepared food in those adorable Chinese take-out boxes. Like the ones you see in sitcoms! The food tastes great too. Be sure to add a dollop of their spicy, addictive chilli sambal before you go.

Unleash The Kraken!

What looks like a deep fried monster on a stick turns out to be a deep fried... monster, yes, but maaan is this thing tasty. It's literally a giant squid dipped in a flour coating and deep fried. Choose the spicy seasoning to put on top. The squid is tender and sweet, perfect with the crunchy spicy coating. We liked this more than we would admit. Great for sharing, too!

Pasta In A Jar

Krik-Krik are first time vendors here as well, and they brought their pasta in a jar. Now who would have thought that, huh? It's tasty and pretty convenient too. They'll heat up your pasta on the spot so you could bring it around while looking for other goodies to munch on. Currently they have spaghetti bolognaise or lasagna in a jar. Contains beef.

Don't Forget To Cool Down!

It can get hot when you're there so don't forget to rehydrate. We loved these Detox Water from SimplyHeavenByEisha. It comes in strawberry, cucumber or citrus infused. Have it ice cold and those thirst demons will be vanquished. They're absolutely refreshing and apparently good for your body too.

This Milkshake WILL Bring Everyone To The Yard

Before you ask, yes, The Yard took its name from that popular 'milkshake' song. The Yard specializes in milkshakes and they do awesome ones. The Yard uses high quality ice creams to get that perfect smooth, creamy and thick texture. Try their banana milkshake, it's super good. Sweet-tooth? Buy one in the candy bar flavours as well. This is one milkshake to look out for this year.

Best Ice-Cream Ever

Sangkaya's coconut ice cream has taken over foodies by storm. It's easy to see and taste why. Their coconut ice cream is decadent, creamy and packed full of coconut flavour. It's ridiculously delicious, even if it is a bit pricey. Get here early before the lines become agonizingly long.

So there you have it guys, our pick of what and where to makan at the fiesta. See you there!