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The Ampang Foodcrawl

by Honey Ahmad Photography FriedChillies on Fri, September 15, 2017

Ampang is a lovely established neighbourhood full of good eating places. Most of them are frequented by regulars and for good reason. A lot of them are run by the food entrepreneurs themselves so you know the food is consistent and satisfying...

Get stuck into some Ampang gems!

A few years ago I moved to Ampang and discovered (and re-discovered) a treasure throve of places to eat and hang out. There’s a certain laid-backness about Ampang. It’s a neighbourhood that’s settled and knows its identity. It doesn’t try too hard, respects its institutions and welcomes new ones. Yes, there might not be a new café opening up every week like the trendier neighbourhoods but that’s okay, there’s plenty here to keep you well fed and happy.

So start off with Mak Jah Corner. This is your first pit stop. Their mainstays are their wide array of authentic Malay kuihs.

Everything here is good from kuih keria to serimuka. Everything is made fresh daily. They also have good nasi lemak, roti canai and all manner of breakfast items. Read our interview with Mak Jah herself.

No. 21, Jalan Kerja Air Lama

Down the road behind McDonalds are a bunch of food gerai and here is my favourite place to have tosei and freshly rolled chapati.

Uncle Maniam who runs it already feels like family and will give you small gifts of your favourite dishes to take home sometimes.

Their lunchtime rice and curries are delicious, tastes homecooked and great value for money.

Speaking of that, next to it is Nasi Cikgu Sue which offers, rice, fried chicken pieces and gravies for about RM5. There are also east coast rice packets like nasi dagang and nasi tumpang in the mornings.

They are next to each other on Jalan Kolam Air Lama in a Medan Selera next to the Petronas Station

Lunchtime get yourself to Ampang Point for a bit of Korean. In fact, one of the first Koreatowns in KL is actually in Ampang.

Gomonae is Halal and has good Korean set lunches. Try their Bulgogi Jeongsik, marinated beef with rice. Comes with panchan like kimchi and small vegetables plates.

Next door is a well established Taiwanese place as well. Both of them have been in Ampang Point for well over 20 years.

1st Floor, Ampang Point, Jalan Mamanda 3

We move towards Jalan Ampang to a couple of hidden spots.

First up is Sahara Tent for great Arabic food.

In fact, during Ramadhan they have an excellent buffet for buka puasa.

Start off with hummus and chef specialty, an addictive dip of eggplant and tomatoes. Fill up on their khabsa and mandi dishes, shish tawook, grilled meats and Arabic stews. Hearty and tasty.

Lorong Nibong off Jalan Ampang

Just a stroll away is Katie’s Stove that serves up good Johorean food.

I recommend her cucur udang. Crisply fried, the ultimate afternoon snack.

Also check out her laksa Johor and kacang pol.

Hyde@ Hock Chun, Lorong Nibong off Jalan Ampang

For tea get yourselves to Jalan Damai to RGB & Bean Hive for brewed coffee, tea and healthy cakes. They also have hot food like burgers and nasi lemak, all given a bit of healthy twist like using brown rice and serving it up with sweet potato fries.

I especially like their Bunga Telang Tea, brewed from flowers from their garden. It starts off blue then turns purple once you add in lemon juice. A lot of the cakes here are vegan and glutton free.

Try the Orange Almond Cake, perfect with their in-house roasted coffee. Set in a rambling old bungalow there’s space here to read, work or chit chat with friends on a sofa.

35, Jalan Damai

Dinnertime, I want to bring you to my favourite spot for tandoori at Uncle Aru's. Even before I moved here, I’ve been coming to this warung for years. His son Ravi has now taken over the business so you know this stall is in good hands.

Tandoori here is succulent and charred expertly. I eat it with it’s soft butter naans and a side of spinach. Seriously this is the dinner of champions.

Also in this little food area, is a lovely couple that has been selling satay since the 80s.

So there you have it, some of my favourite spots in Ampang. Most of them are run by the food entrepreneurs themselves so there's also a bit of love put into the food. You'll leave these places sated and will come back for more...