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VOTE NOW! The FriedChillies MAKAN BEST Awards 2018

by Honey Ahmad Photography FriedChillies on Sun, April 15, 2018

Hey Foodsters! We are super excited to bring you our Makan Best Awards. Nominated by foodies. Voted by you and us! Before you undi for your new government, undilah for your favourite makan spots and personalites! #pilihanmakanumum

Marilah mari, pergi mengundi... Jangan lupa kewajipan sebagai Foodie!

VOTE for your favourite eateries! With over 80 great Makan Spots to choose from in 15 categories this is the awards that will make you rediscover great makan!

This BEST OF THE BEST list has been collected lovingly by FriedChillies from our fans, friends, strangers, restaurateurs, street peddlers. Some are legends. Some are new but making waves. All good. We have personally checked each and every makan nominee and they are legit! Some of these places, we bet you've never heard of but serves darn good food.

Our past awards like the Annual Foodsters Awards (2009) and Love Your Street Food (2010) have been all about connecting people to great food. Often the same makan places get selected and there's soooo many other places out there that deserve the limelight. So here's us reconnecting you to great food with this awards. And this year, there's a Media Category too!

The Makan Categories - [Nasi Lemak] [Burger] [Roti Canai] [Satay] [Fried Chicken] [Banana Leaf] [Karipap] [Briyani] [Seafood] [Casual Japanese Sashimi] [Desserts] [Casual Restaurant] [Hawker] [Food Mash Up] [Makan Neighbourhood]

The Media Categories - [Website/Writer (ENG)] [Website/Writer (BM)] [Instagrammer] [Online Food Group] [Food Project]

And the FriedChillies Makan Best 2018 Nominees are... *drumroll*


1. Nasi Lemak Wanjo - Nasi lemak with smoky, sultry sambal. Been around for 40 years in Kg Baru.
2. Warung Pak Hassan - Loose fragrant rice with sweet and lingering sambal. Another Kg Baru stalwart.
3. Nasi Lemak Alor Corner - Generous fragrant rice, richly spicy sambal and Indonesian-style rendang.
4. Warung Sinarnor - Rice and dishes cooked over a wood fire with some killer dishes. Started in 1970.
5. Nasi Lemak Kukus SS12 - Family recipes with long slow-cooked sambal. Been around for 20 years.
6. Mok Teh - Scrumptious Terengganu nasi lemak with a dry sambal ikan tongkol.

1. Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar - One of the first burger bakar joints in town. Thick, saucy and consistent patties.
2. myBurgerLab - Black buns, creative flavours and cheeky. Their burgers are deeelicious!
3. Burger Bobby Simpang 3 - A dude that opened a street burger joint at his house. Grilled in olive oil and swimming in sauces.
4. Sixty Bites - A neighbourhood burger joint with succulent patties and a wicked onion jam on top.
5. Master Burger - Brother John grills 'em beautifully and then squirts his addictive black sauce on top.
6. Hale Burger - Healthier burgers using wholemeal buns and homemade juicy patties.

1. Valentine Roti - Beautifully crispy roti canai that's light as air.
2. Roti Canai Beratur - Many layered, almost like a roti bom with a nice crunch on the outside.
3. Raju Restaurant - Fluffy roti canai that's flaky on the outside.
4. Warung Pak Hassan - The second category they are nominated in, roti canai here is soft, fluffy with a slightly crunchy texture.
5. Selangor Mansion - 24-hour roti canai. The way to eat is is 'banjir' with two perfectly soft boiled eggs on top.
6. Restoran Jaya SS5 - Malay-style roti that's just right. Order an extra crispy one.

1.Satay Zainah Ismail - A meaty satay with a sweet-ish marination charred to smokey perfection.
2. Satay Yunus - Juicy satay with a good fat and meat ratio with thick and chunky peanut sauce.
3. Willy Satay - Glistening and moist satay with a balanced marinade. Makan 'terangkat' yo.
4. Satay Capitol - Good marination process that gets their satay tender and tasty.
5. Jomsate.com - A morning satay with hearty chunks of meat. Puas hati makan.
6. Restoran Rose - A Minang-style satay that's pleasantly chewy with a yellow, spicy sauce.

1.Gerai Ah Kow - Sesame crusted fried chicken served up with rice. Crunchy and succulent.
2. Nasi Kukus Ilham - Mouth-watering fried chicken with food rempah on skin. Served with 3 types of gulai.
3. Kari Kepala Ikan Anuar - Chicken rubbed with curry spices and salt just fried superbly. Eat with curry fish head.
4. Broasted Chicken King - Chicken pressure fried so spices seep deep into the meat. Served with garlic sauce.
5. Nomms - Western-style fried chicken that's juicy and nicely crispy on the outside.
6. Lim Fried Chicken - The right side of salty and fried well without being too oily.

1. Vishal Food and Catering - A legend in Brickfields, they have duck varuval and dry crab curry among other dishes.
2. Acha Curry House - Popular banana leaf joint in PJ, famous for kari ikan masin and crispy sambal ikan bilis.
3. Sri Ganapathi Mess - A hidden eatery in PJ, fabulous mutton varuval with crab rassam if you're lucky to get it.
4. Yap Kee Banana Leaf - Klang banana leaf joint with a true Malaysian taste.
5. Moorthy Mathai - Super fresh and chunky fried tenggiri with great vegetable sides.
6. Sarimala Villas (Chettinad Mess) - A hidden place in Lebuh Ampang, doesn't get more legit than this, they grind their own spices.

1. Karipap Old Klang Road Uncle Ooi - Large spiral karipap strongly spiced with an egg inside.
2. Karipap Om Shakti Chelo - Fresh out of the wok, this vegetarian karipap are puffy and satisfying.
3. Karipap Mak Jah - Just simple Malay karipap, hand-pleated with good crispy skin and enough filling.
4. Karipap Mr Chiams, Brickfields - Beautiful karipap pusing fried expertly just like their delectable pisang goreng.
5. Karipap Sate Ayam Mama @ Kajang - Old school karipap filled with chopped up satay filling from a satay seller.
6. Karipap Yeong - Beautiful pastry still made by hand by this old couple with an egg in it.

1. Restoran Tajudin Nasi Briyani - Affordable old school briyani that's delicious. Juicy fried chicken.
2. Bamboo Briyani Taste & See - Really flavourful Indian briyani steamed in bamboo. Got kick!
3. Chacha Naan & Briyani - Pakistani-style briyani with long-grained rice and served by a handsome man.
4. Restoran Mahbub - A Bangsar institution with consistent briyani rice and ayam madu.
5. An-Nur Briyani Gam - Traditional briyani gam Johor, sealed together and full of flavour.
6. Liza's Briyani - Home-cooked briyani with green chillies for the homerun!

1. Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - Great authentic Thai cooking with farm fresh vegetables.
2. Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant - Simple Chinese seafood that is a family favourite.
3. Aroma Ikan Bakar - A bit of a drive out but excellent quality and cheap.
4. Muara Ikan Bakar - Right by the ports where you pick your seafood and grill 'em up!
5. Ewa Seafood - The best tasting tilapia around in any way you like it.
6. Seri Melaka, Jalan Bellamy - A bit of an institution for good ikan and sotong bakar.

*Note: Our sashimi category is for casual dining and also value for money.

1. Jyu Raku Japanese Restaurant - Chef Hideki makes excellent value sashimi. Thick and juicy.
2. Top Catch Fisheries - Easy no frills supplier who also serves up slices of the good stuff.
3. The Fat Fish - Also a supplier of fresh fish to restaurants, fresh oysters too!
4. Eatomo Food Co - Easy-going hip Japanese joint with good value sashimi.
5. Sushi Zanmai - Highly popular chain that serves up good grade affordable sashimi.

1. Apam Balik Nusantara - Pillowy street-side fold-overs with every sweet filling imaginable
2. The Hyacinth Cafe - A good neighbourhood cake stop. Also has scrummy quiches.
3. Om Shakti Chello - Sweet apoms made to order with coconut milk or brown sugar within.
4. Jaslyn Cakes - Petite cake shop that uses organic ingredients for rustic cakes.
5. Rekindled - Loads of scrumlicious cake favourites on offer and it opens late!
6. Cendol Khan - A wonderful cendol place that still serves it in metal bowls.

1. Kenny Hills Bistro - Fabulous roast duck, local and simple western dishes.
2. Copper - High standard modern European cooking by a chef that cares.
3. Grub by Ah Hong - Ridiculously affordable steaks and more, in an upmarket kopitiam ambience.
4. Mukha Cafe - Neighbourhood hang-out that serves mouth-watering Yemeni inspired food.
5. Restoran Muar - Family run restaurant that serves up honest to goodness Chinese favourites.
6. Analog Cafe - They make everything here from scratch and it's good.

1. Uncle Aru's Tandoori (Tandoori Hut) - Succulent tandoori chicken and soft baby bottom naans.
2. Ah Mang Mee Stall no. 8 - Halal Hokkien noodles that just hits the spot. You won't believe there's no lard!
3. Bintang Sue - Popular hang out with all kinds of tasty local dishes. Been here for ages!
4. Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit - Simple, turmeric fried chicken served with a fiery sambal belacan!
5. Kari Kepala Ikan Anuar - Fish head curry favourite you always need to queue for.
6. Indian Rice @ Selera Wawasan Food Court - The most amazing array of Indian cooking that is super value for money.

We also have foodie categories that Best Food Neighbourhood, Best Food Mash-up because all of this is what makes it great to be a foodie in Malaysia.

1. Nasi Lemak Burger - A lovechild is is bound to happen. All the flavours of nasi lemak stuffed in a bun.
2. Cendol Durian - You have an icy bowl of cendol and then you add durian in it. Yeah!
3. Pisang Goreng Cheese - Hot banana fritters with a combo of salty grated cheese and various sweet sauces on top.
4. Salted Egg Cronuts - People are still mad for it. Cronuts pumped full of salted egg custard.
5. Ais Kepal Milo - Shaved ice and then topped with a thick milo sauce.
6. Roti Goyang - Roti canai usually drenched in curry with two wobbly soft boiled eggs on top.

1. Subang Jaya - A neighbourhood full of old school places and also up-coming makan spots!
2. Kampung Baru - You know this is one tasty neighbourhood, all you need is an appetite and good walking slippers.
3. Ampang - An old neighbourhood with tons of hidden gems a mix of international and local institutions.
4. Taman Tun Dr Ismail - The cafe hub of KL, there's always something new and delicious in Taman Tun.
5. Bangsar - Always a going out spot, Bangsar is a great place where new places rub up against favourite eateries.
6. Old Klang Road - A loooong road that is home to so many great places of the Chinese persuasion. It's all here!

This year we don’t only have categories in food but also in media. In the age when anyone can write reviews and take pictures, we want to recognise those who really help people find good food and cook delicious food for their families and friends. So check out that category too and vote for your favourite instagrammer, website and FB groups.


1. Kyspeaks - A true foodie with down to earth reviews and hand-drawn maps.
2. Bangsarbabe - Well curated site, relaxed and consistent reviews.
3. Eatdrinkl - The moment a place opens, it's on this site!
4. Malaymail- food/drink under Khang Yi - Insightful story-telling that's about the people as well as the foo.,
5. Rebeccasaw - Full of personality and constantly updated.
6. fun 'n' taste - A delicious portal that does good reviews, lists and events.

1. aziekitchen.com - Friendly writing with good stories behind recipes, no wonder this is the most visited recipe site in BM.
2. tiffinbiru.com - Known affectionately as Mat Gebu, this recipe site has great pictures and recipes that consistently work.
3. qaseyhoney.com - Not your average everyday cooking blog, her pictures, usually flatlay are styled well.
4. matsallehcarimakan.com - Coz he’s just a dude looking for good places to eat. Not many BM sites gives good articulation of outside looking in of our food.
5. norazlitaaziz.blogspot.my - Cute food site with some travel thrown in.
6. Vocket - Food Section - Topical and current food news and reviews.

1. @trishates - Beautiful curation and inspires you to take better food pictures. Her propping is on point too with good use of natural lighting.
2. @dududedoodle - This IG has personality. It’s quirky and fun. Scroll down his feed and you get a clear point of view of this man’s food world.
3. @mycafefood - A collection of photos from foodies that really gives you a good overview of the local food community. We like that they credit people properly too.
4. @chochafoodstore - This IG has a really good sense of aesthetics and place. It has one of the best curated restaurant instagrams out there.
5. @thekitchenguardian - A very natural IG that also has a good sense of a cake loving food community. We just like this IG very much!
6. @dreamy_touch - For sheer effort this IG deserves an applause. Flatlay of food arranged artfully with props.
7. @squarepad - Good subject matter on food and also sellers. We like that fact he can make a roadside seller look ‘atas’.

Check a collection of their photos here

1. Resepi Ringkas - Prolific recipe group with super active members that has been sharing great recipes since 2012
2. Masak Apa Hari Ni - One of the biggest recipe sharing groups on FB, their over 1 million strong members are active!
3. Vitdaily - A food review group that does tons of online videos. Must be 'padu!'
4. MyMakanTV - Super active food review page in all three languages, they've got you covered.
5. Resepi Orang Kampung - With over 1.4million fan on this page, they not only do recipes but loads of tips as well.
6. Cooking with Phillips Pressure Cooker by Sidney Kan - This group offers plenty of demos, great recipes and how to really use a pressure cooker to its full potential.

We also have a Best Food Project category which is for people who have used food for charity or those who look out how to elevate the foodie lifestyle to be more aware of the environment and what you put on your plate. They are all awesome so we need your votes to pick the best.

1. Picha Project - Empowers refugee families by promoting and selling their food for delivery and catering.
2. Dapo Kitchenware - Locally designed and produced kitchenware range using sustainable wood sources.
3. Eats, Shoots and Roots - Environmental consultants who want to create communities that grow their own food
4. Pertiwi Soup Kitchen - Provides a humanitarian food-aid service to the homeless and hard-core poor
5. Tapak Urban Street Dining - Rejuvenating car park areas into vibrant street dining venues

We know that there is an all important general elections just around the corner. In the meantime vote for your favourite food, personalities and projects. We recommend you go out there and Makan at the finalists, check out the sites and IGs and of course, vote wisely. This is your PilihanMakan Umum. Make it count. VOTE HERE.

The Makan Categories - [Nasi Lemak] [Burger] [Roti Canai] [Satay] [Fried Chicken] [Banana Leaf] [Karipap] [Briyani] [Seafood] [Casual Japanese Sashimi] [Desserts] [Casual Restaurant] [Hawker] [Food Mash Up] [Makan Neighbourhood]

The Media Categories - [Website/Writer (ENG)] [Website/Writer (BM)] [Instagrammer] [Online Food Group] [Food Project]