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The Kampung Baru Foodcrawl

by Ali Photography FriedChillies on Thu, October 12, 2017

Kampung Baru have a lot of eateries that serves different types of food from dusk till dawn. There is something for someone around here, nasi lemak, nasi padang, satay, lontong and many more. Let's get into it shall we?

There Are A Lot Of Good Food Here

Kampung Baru is one of the oldest settlements in Kuala Lumpur. There are a lot of history surrounding the area and also good food. One step into this area and you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of restaurants and stalls. We are here to help you to select some of the best eateries in the area.

Taking on Kampung Baru is a difficult task, as there way too many eateries to cover. Even so, we still took a quick daily stroll, and boy did we find some great places to eat. Let's get started, shall we?

Warung Nasi Ambeng

Nasi Ambeng is a great way to start the day if you are hungry. Here they serve their nasi ambeng along with ayam sambal, sambal goreng, tempe and some vegetables. It is once said that Nasi Ambeng is created when a mother wants to please her children who are all great cooks. She asks them to cook one dish that they are good at and bring it to her, she compiled it all on a tray and they ate it all together. That is why sometimes you can find different versions of Nasi Ambeng such as ones with noodles.

Alfiyah Lontong Jawa Asli

Good lontong is pretty difficult to come by unless your mum or aunt cooks it. At first glance, you may be put off by the gravy as it is a bit thinner than usual, but have faith, this is definitely one of the best lontong you can get in KL. The broth is filled with flavor you just can't stop eating spoonfuls of it. You can also add on some really addictive crunchy paru goreng that will surely knock your socks off.

Nori Roti Canai

For those who love some roti canai to start their day than Nori Roti Canai is the place to go. The roti here is soft and fluffy, you can choose from many different types of roti like Roti Pisang, Roti Sardin and others. This shop receives so many orders that there are two “penebar roti” at one time.

Warung Rozaid

There are numerous eateries that serves a really good lunch around here, but if you are looking to save some money then look no further than Warong Rozaid. We like it here not only because it is cheap but also because there are a lot of “lauk” to choose from like Cendawan Goreng, Gulai Lemak Telur Itik and many more, our favorite is none other than their big fat juicy fried chicken.

Mie Sedap Corner

If you are the kind of person who likes noodles for lunch, then head on over to Mie Sedap Corner. Here they have Mee Jawa, Soto and Bakso. Each selection is delicious in its own right, we love their mee jawa which is filled with potatoes, tofu, and half boiled egg. The thick broth is just icing on the cake.

As we mentioned earlier there are a lot of stalls around Kampung Baru that serves an array of food. Expect Karipap, Apam Balik, cendol, Bubur Lambuk, Pisang Goreng and many more. There is one stall along Jalan Raja Muda Musa that serves a really good jagung bakar. The corns are plump, and once it is cooked, a few lashings of butter is applied to make it even more delicious.

Cherry Corner

There are a lot of local desserts at Cherry Corner such as ABC, but there is something quite special here. Upon special order you can order an ais kepal, for those who don't know, ais kepal is a traditional dessert a few decades ago. Try the ais kepal pelangi, which is condensed ball of ice is dashed with different types of syrup.

Apam Balik Nusantara

This particular stall is pretty hidden from the main streets of Kampung Baru and they sell a unique kind of Aam Balik. There is only sweet apam balik here which is more common in Indonesia, where a thick fluffy apam balik is filled with different types of filling which you can choose. You can select banana, chocolate, corn and much more.

Satay Capitol

This stall has been serving satay since 1951, the satay here is tender and juicy. The marinade is light and you can dip it in their thick peanut sauce. They also serve packets of Nasi Lemak Angah here.

There are many more stalls in Kg Baru but that is all our tummy can handle. Perhaps some other day we will revisit this place again.