The Mutiara Damansara Lunchcrawl

by Arslan Z. Photography FriedChillies on Fri, February 02, 2018

Whenever you're eating at Mutiara Damansara it never fails to take you away on a makan adventure. You can find foods from the east coast like the famous Nasi Kukus Ilham and just around the corner step into Borneo by slurping a bowl of Laksa Sarawak

Banyak tempat NGAM kat sini.

Here we are again helping you kick Monday Blues in the butt and this week we are exploring Mutiara Damansara. Mutiara Damansara will never disappoint you when it comes to food varieties and to make it even easier for you, we have come up with a list of top lunch spots, right here.

1. Nasi Kukus Ilham

I’m sure most of you have heard of Nasi Kukus Ilham whenever the word lunch and Mutiara Damansara are put together. Piping Hot Fried Chicken, Fragrant Steamed Rice, Sweet and Sour Acar Nenas and not to mention their signature 3 gulai that binds everything together. It's no wonder this place is one of Mutiara Damansara’s lunch spots heavyweights.

2. Idaman Tom Yam

Another Mutiara Damansara’s seasoned lunch spots is Idaman Tom Yam. Although very famous for their kaw kaw Tom Yam, their "must have" which is only available during lunch time, is Idaman’s Nasi Ayam. Freshly made daily; the Rice is cooked with a secret blend of chicken stock and aromatics then served with Roasted Chicken that comes in a simple marinate - and to top it all of, that extra kick in their thick Sambal Chili and even thicker handmade Sweet Soy Sauce is just so sedap together! A Fair warning, try and get there as soon as you can because it usually sells out pretty fast.

3. Restoran Ana Patin

Just around the corner, is Restoran Ana Patin. Considered a rookie in Mutiara Damansara, but since they started hooking up the locals with some really good Ikan Patin 3 years ago - they have won their hearts. With a wide array of Pahang fares and including their famed Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak, Ana Patin is a must try when in Mutiara Damansara.

4. Daging Merah Loqstaq

A few rows down you’ll find the Utara Favorite, Daging Merah Loqstaq. Originating from Alor Setar 30 years ago. They opened this second stall in Mutiara Damansara just 2 weeks after the first stall in Sungai Penchala. With a few of Utara signature dishes on the menu, the one you should try is definitely the Nasi Daging Merah. Moist Daging strips cooked in a velvety Merah sauce and served on top of a hot steamed Rice, mmm... it’s just what you need to fill up that tummy and cure your Monday Blues.

5. Leko

If you’re craving some tender juicy ribs with a little bit of an Indonesian twist, hit up Warung Leko and you’re sorted. Originally from Indonesia, they started dishing out “to die for” Penyet dishes from Ayam Penyet to Iga (Ribs) Penyet since 2013. Yes that’s right, tender, moist and spicy Ribs with a little bit of Rice and a side of their signature hot as lava sambal and it’s you’re travelling to the peaceful village of Java, Indonesia. Ain’t that a treat on a mundane Monday?

6. Empire Sushi

Torn apart between munching down on some fresh Sushi or some hearty Spicy Curry? Empire Sushi will sort that out in a heartbeat, with more selections than any other Sushi Joints you can think of. Plus other Japanese Dishes such as Curry Chicken Karaage and Chicken Katsu Curry which is a lunch essential, teeming with potatoes and carrots and with a big piece of Fried Chicken covered with Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)

7. I Love Yoo

We all have done it, cheated our way through lunch and sneak in breakfast food instead. I Love Yoo Kiosk just opposite Empire Sushi is made for us, Rice Porridge dipped with crispy crunchy Yoo Tiao and if that is not enough tuck into their hearty bowl of Mee Kantin that is made to order.

8. Salted

To continue your lunch slurpin’ journey, drive down to Salted and have at it with their medley of noodle grub. One of the signature is the Laksa Sarawak, served with this full bodied and full of spices broth and if you want something with a little bit more kick, try out the Mee Belacan! Covered with slices of Sotong Kering and the belacan broth that’s just full of belacan GOODNESS. We must say that this place has one of the best Sarawak Noodles in Klang Valley, so go try it today.

Okay, so our list this week should help you sort out your Monday Makan Blues, If you have more suggestions, please comment below so we can do more reviews at YOUR favourite places soon! Lookout for more ''Éh Lunch Mana'' GIF on our Facebook page, as we uncover more makan spots near your work place. Happy lunching!