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The Sompoton Spa at Hotel Nikko

by Alexa P. Photography FriedChillies on Fri, November 19, 2010

A day at the spa is always a treat, even more so of a treat though when it’s part of your job! I decided to check out some of the food related treatments at the Sompoton Spa at Nikko Hotel and was recommended to try the Herbal Healing package.

Let your muscles melt into submission

As I enter the spa I am immediately greeted with a wafting scent of aromatherapy oils and soothing music piped throughout the area. A cup of tea is served as I relax in the waiting area and let my mind drift away from the stress of daily life. Everything seems to slow down around me and already I feel at ease.

The Herbal Healing package as part of their signature collection features a blend of local spices and herbs that is applied on the body’s meridian points using a hot compress to alleviate stress and calm the body as the invigorating scents awaken the mind. The use of ginger, turmeric and lemongrass in the treatment are particularly good for swelling and blood circulation.

This package starts off with a footbath where the feet are soaked and then gently washed and lightly massaged. Then comes a herbal body scrub where a paste is applied all over your body and left to set for a few minutes. Once slightly dry it is rubbed off gently, removing the layers of dead skin to reveal skin that is glowing and smooth. There is then a Jacuzzi bath to further relax the tense muscles and wash off the remaining scrub.

Next up is the herbal ball compress. This hot compress is deftly pressed on key points on the body to aid with the swelling. The heat from this feels lovely and the firm press and roll of the compress has my muscles melting in submission. The scent of the herbs are pleasant as well which help me to drift off into a light sleep as the massage therapist works her magic.

My favourite part though was the traditional Malay massage. With firm strokes my worries and stresses were eased away. I couldn’t help but fall asleep on the table…I might have even snored once or twice! When you are flipped front side up for the second half of the massage your eyes are covered with a lavender pillow that further induces relaxation. This weighted pillow touches upon key points around the eyes and forehead, which aid in stress relief. It is also especially effective for headaches.

There are many other food related treatments at the Sompoton spa which I wasn’t able to try out…but I hear that they are certainly worth it. Some that sound quite interesting are the papaya pineapple crème fraiche body wrap, tongkat ali body scrub, and the various caviar treatments. Sometimes the best treatments for our bodies are the ones that are all natural utilizing the healing properties of the food ingredients around us.

The Herbal Healing treatment takes a total 2hours and it’ll cost you RM320++. If you are a guest at Nikko hotel you can get any treatment at 20% off. If you’re in need of some invigoration and relaxation give them a call and try out one of their many packages.

The Sompoton Spa
Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur
165 Jalan Ampang

Open daily: 10.30am – 11pm
Contact: 03.2161 1111 ext.7016