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Top 3 Great Meals at Legoland Malaysia

by Adly Photography FriedChillies on Wed, December 07, 2016

We know, food in Legoland can be down right expensive and the meals are more carnival-like rather than restaurant quality. This is after all a theme park. However, interestingly we found out several great value for money options. Read on...

Best Bang For Your Buck at Legoland

To frame our recommendations for Legoland (Dry Park), we are going to say that meals *are* expensive here. So the only way for your meal to be of value is to have great meals for similar prices as the 'not so great ones'. If you have to splurge eating here, isn't if better if it's money well spent?

Lamb Shank at MarketPlace

We suspect that the Legoland crew has good restaurant experience here. Dump the biriyani and go for the Lamb Shank at a price of RM38++ which is actually of great value even in KL. The shank is succulent and tender, with a great honey sauce . Served with mash. Our favourite here. Great indoor sit down cafeteria with air-conditioning with plenty of Legoland characters displayed all over the restaurant.

Grilled Chicken at King's Grill.

Surprise surprise... the Grilled Chicken meal at RM28 (with drinks + fries) are absolutely delicious. Well grilled and lightly spiced. It's great to sit here and load up with protein and carbs, ready for the next thrill ride. It has an outdoor sitting area with a lovely medieval feel as it's located near the Lego castles and dragon rides.

Burgers at Burger Junction

Burgers are quite decent here and comes with Lego-looking fries. You can't build them but you can certainly eat them all. Teriyaki chicken and garlic rice is not bad here too. About RM25+. Also has an outdoor eating area with a view that overlooks the Dino Island flume ride.

We tried a whole load of other dishes and meal places in Legoland but these were our Top 3 favourites that gave us the best bang for our buck. Feel free to try them out. Enjoy your family time this school holidays!


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