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Top 5 Coffee Joints in KLIA & klia2

by Farah D. Photography FriedChillies on Fri, November 11, 2016

Caffeine addicts would love this list. We tried cup after cup to select the best ones for you. Here are our 5 top picks for coffee at KLIA and klia2.

Fancy a Cuppa?

Caffeine Addicts… Load up! Just because you are in an airport, doesn’t mean coffee needs to taste like it comes out from a can. A quick shot of caffeine…(ehemm…) coffee.. to your system will keep you happy & energised for that trip you’re taking. We listed our favourite stop-worthy coffee joints in KLIA and klia2 for you to check out. We also threw in a list that includes our local coffee as well because… this is Malaysia and we love our local 'Kopis' too.


1. Mollydooker’s Coffee Bar

If you like your coffee strong and potent, Mollydooker’s uses Sumatran Mandheling beans supplied by R.A.W that really packs a punch. This is definitely the place for caffeine addicts.In need of a a pick-me-up pre-flight? Get the espresso. Nice hip décor, very laidback feel. We like.

For a mellower hit, try the flat white or mocha. If you have a travelling buddy that does not drink coffee, you can still lure them to Molly’s with their chai latte or the hot chocolate. The nasi lemak (RM11+) is also a great tummy-filler if you want something substantial before boarding.

Charging stations are also available, so if your batteries have run out of juice, you can charge your phone or laptop while enjoying your cuppa.

Lot S7-1A-A06, Level 1A (Gate Q), International Departure, Satellite Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily


Rich and creamy Mamak-style coffee is what you're craving for? Head over to.. where else… Mamak, of course. The Kopi Ais (Iced Coffee) here is sweetened by condensed milk and has a buttery taste. It’s a (local) drip-style coffee that will perk you up and definitely stronger than the standard cup of instant coffee.

For something hot and foamy order one of Malaysia’s most popular beverages, the Kopi Tarik. This comes equally strong and milky with a frothy top. We don’t need expensive coffee machines to make our Kopi’s froth in Malaysia. See how they froth the kopi behind the counter if you’ve never seen it before. Both the hot and iced versions go so well with a plate of crispy roti canai. It’s an awesome breakfast option for when you arrive or just before you catch that morning flight.

Lot S2-3A-L02, Departure Level (Level 3A), Main Terminal Building, klia2
Open 24 hours daily. Roti canai only available from 7am till 11am

3. Hometown Hainan Coffee

For a taste of Hainanese coffee, Hometown Hainan serves freshly brewed cups every day. It is creamy, sweet and thick with milk. This local favourite is potent and full of flavour. The coffee is brewed and goes through a special mixing process. Whether you like it hot or with ice, you can get great tasting local coffee here too.

We love having it with half boiled egg and roti bakar. This trio is a classic combination, an oldie but a goodie that is a popular choice among many Malaysians which is surprisingly trending in New York too. This cheerful place is always packed and although service is quite fast there might be a little wait when there’s a crowd.

L2-113, Level 2, gateway@klia2
Open 24 hours daily


4.Café Barbera

Budget conscious coffee addicts will like Café Barbera. Their entry level Café Au Lait is priced about RM10 and it’s fairly consistent in taste and great value. This café uses their own premium beans, Mago, which is a special blend of seven types of coffee beans selected from Brazil, Central America and Indonesia. If you fancy something creamy and smooth, go for the Cappucino Napoletano, neopolitan espresso with warm, foamy milk. Sandwiches are premium but sometimes they do value deals where sandwiches are priced less than their Café Au Lait!

Café Barbera is located nearby the check –in counters and the international departure gate making it a really convenient spot for a quick cuppa before your overseas trip.

L5 23, Departure Level (Level 5), Main Terminal Building, KLIA
Open 24 hours daily

5.The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club uses UTZ Certified coffee beans which means that the beans in every cup of coffee they serve in their stores have been grown using sustainable methods. The Cappucino is a crowd-favourite – rich with the bold flavours of The Coffee Club’s shot of espresso topped with milk for a creamy yet strong cup of coffee. It has a nice hint of bittersweetness from the light dusting of cocoa on top of the foam.

Coffee Club has tons of light filtering in from the surrounding glass panels. It has a warm and inviting feel that makes enjoying a cup of coffee here a pleasant experience.

If you’re a traditionalist and prefer your coffee without any cream or milk, opt for the long black. Made using The Coffee Club’s Signature Blend, a cup of this in the morning will definitely awaken your senses.

L5 40, Departure Level (Level 5), Main Terminal Building, KLIA
Open 24 hours daily


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